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Making bronze sculptures based on the human body is an art form that Isabel Miramontes specializes in. “Pose and impression” is the inspiration for Miramontes' bronze figures and bizarre shapes, which generate an overwhelming feeling of motion. The artist describes these works as “emotional misery in physical form,” which is supposed to understand better the human body's relationship to its state of mind. These sculptures are beautiful and inventive, and We'd like to include some of them into our depiction of people as we attempt to break away from simple drawings of people's faces.

Modern human figure sculptures by Isabel Miramontes rely heavily on the artist's unique sense of body language and expression. The bronze sculptures you are about to view are genuinely one-of-a-kind. The show's real star is the human body, whose silhouettes are constantly changing and deforming to produce bizarre and fascinating results!

Our work strongly emphasizes the concept of space, which is one of the essential elements. Miramontes creates her own visual language when inspired by a silhouette, movement, symbol, or thought. Strips and cut profiles that capture action or a mood express her thoughts about the world and her own body shapes.

Isabel Miramontes was born in Santiago de Compostella (Spain), although she grew up in Brussels, Belgium, where she received a degree in Fine Arts from the Institute Sainte Marie.

Bronze sculptures by the artist are well-known, but she is also noted for her gigantic outdoor work. Whether they are realistic or not, Isabel's paintings explore the theme of nothingness. She views sculpture as a space where the Isabel rock artist fills in the blanks with their own touch.

With her bronze sculptures, Isabel Miramontes enters the sensitive realm of art, conveying both her personal feelings and the complexity of the human condition: his need for seclusion and his freedom, his strength and his fragility, his goals, and accomplishments.

Fragmented and segmented, her new bronze sculptures inspire a sensation of movement and convey the psyche's underlying feelings. Captivated by “poses and impressions,” the artist does work that links drama, abandonment, and tension, which collect all the weight of emotions, sensations, and humanity inside themselves.

Final Words

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