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Ishta Devata – Worship Your Specific Deity

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There is not a single person on this Earth who doesn’t have a problem in life. The problem may be big or small, but it’s certainly there! After all, that is why we are here on this Earth, had we consumed all the bad results of our karmas i.e. past and present deeds, we would not have taken birth again.

Well, the problems we face in life have their roots attached to our bad karma. We land into a certain problem for we did something related to that, which is following us in this present life. It is rather overwhelming to know that you can get rid of all your big and small problems in life!

Read on to know how?

Ishta Devta- Your presiding deity whose worship will help you overcome all troubles in life!

The astrologers may provide several of astrological remedies as soon as you approach them for the solution of your problems. But the best astrologer can tell you about your prarabdh karma in your janam kundli. The karma that your soul carries with it is called sanchit karma. And the portion of it that a person will experience in this present life is called prarabdha karma.

You just try to relieve the effects of these prarabdh karmas by performing different remedies. Worship of your Ishta devta helps remove or at least loosen the effects of the prarabdha karma. None other remedy works as effectively as worshipping the Ishta Devta and doing karma modifications as per the person's birth chart.

Who is Ishta Devata?

We humans as a whole community have a single and common purpose in life- attaining moksha or at least helping our soul to move forward for a better yoni or next birth. This has a spiritual vibe attached to it, but the reality is that we should aim at attaining moksha or salvation in life.

So, is it that easy?

Apart from doing our daily chores, which majorly are focused on earning money, we should aim to purify our souls. How that will be done? We need divine help and higher intellect to differentiate between good and bad deeds. Our Ishta devata helps us channel our efforts on the right path so that there is no looking back.


Ishta Devta removes obstacles in life while helping us to deal with our prarabdha karma sensibly. The Ishtaa Devata is unique for every person as different from our Kul Devata or Gods we commonly worship in the temple.

One’s unique Deity or Ishta Devata can be found with the help of the birth chart of that person. Astrology suggests that a person should surely worship his/her specific Ishtaa Devata. The worship rituals involve mainly chanting of their specific Vedic mantras.

How to know your Ishtaa Devata?

One may easily find his Ishtaa Devata through the Atmakaraka planet in birth chart and its placement in the navamsha chart. The Atmakaraka planet holds the highest degree in a horoscope. The D-9 or navamsha chart shows the ninth division of the birth chart, which signifies Dharma or righteousness. This is why it is also called Dharma-amsha. The placement of the Atmakaraka planet in any house of the D-9 chart is called the Karakamsa, and the 12th house or sign from it represents your Ishtaa Devata. Now, if any planet is posited in it, then it will signify your Ishta Devta else, the Lord of the sign has to be analyzed to find one’s Ishta Devta. Every planet shows a specific deity that the person should worship.

Planets and different Deities: According to the placement of the planet or the lord of the twelfth house from the Karakamsa, the deities to be worshipped are as follows-

  • Sun: Lord Rama, Lord Shiva
  • Moon: Goddess Lalita, Goddess Gauri, Goddess Saraswati and Lord Krishna
  • Mars: Lord Rudra, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Hanuman, Sri Narasimha
  • Mercury: Lord Buddha, Lord Vishnu
  • Jupiter: Lord Dattatreya, Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra and any of your mentors
  • Venus: Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi
  • Saturn: Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu
  • Rahu: Lord Narasimha, Goddess Durga
  • Ketu: Lord Ganesha

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Lord Vishnu, the preserver, ultimately helps us get rid of the birth cycle and hence can be worshipped in his various avatars by all. He gives intellect and makes us follow right karma to get peace, prosperity and finally salvation in life.

Source: https://sites.google.com/view/kundlipredictions/blog/ishta-devata-worship-your-specific-deity



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