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It's safe to assume that they are playing Rookie with a lot of difficulty. Depending on the game I am playing NBA 2K22 MT, I could switch from all-star to Hall of Fame. If my friends and I would like to play a serious game, then we put the game in the Hall of Fame, but this can also mean a lot of missed threes.

Especially if there's a green release, which could occasionally degrade the authenticity of the whole. To avoid the pitfalls and trials of a controller being flung out the window The difficulty is reduced to Ssuperstar. Then, if there is a sense of desperation, it's… All-Star. Don't judge me.

On the horizon we'll have a look at the new game mode that will replace “The Neighborhood”, which is the online hub where players can buy sneakers, clothing, play five-on-five, pick-up, at the recreational center… etc. I'm honestly not sure what to expect to see in this new mode. will look like. They have done a great job at keeping it quiet and avoiding leaks, which means that when they release the video revealing the latest features, we should be expecting an incredible amount of attention in the replies.

My main concern is lack of discussions about MyLeague as that's where I've spent the most of my time playing my Playstation. It's my favorite game mode due to the flexibility it offers and the fact that you don't have spending any money in order to create a great Buy 2K MT. It is possible to move teams as well as create expansion teams.


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