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A few days ago, we have learned from relevant channels that BYD Han DM may launch an OTA upgrade service for the power protection function. The power protection function allows vehicles to be reasonably managed through SOC under different road conditions, and then adjust and control the power distribution of engines and motors. After the upgrade, the Han DM power protection function can have two modes: smart power protection and mandatory power protection.

This upgrade service is for all models of Han DM series. There are two upgrade methods. One is to click the pop-up reminder on the vehicle central control screen and follow the instructions to complete the upgrade; or use the mobile phone “BYD Cloud Service” App to open the remote control Panel, select the vehicle software upgrade, follow the instructions to complete the upgrade.

Intelligent power protection prioritizes “fuel economy”, which is suitable for convenient charging at the destination. After the vehicle SOC is set, in the HEV mode, the engine works in the high-efficiency area, and only the excess power can be used for power generation when the driving demand is met; When the driving power demand exceeds the high efficiency area of the engine, the battery will output the guaranteed power demand. In this way, under certain working conditions, such as rapid acceleration and congested road conditions, the SOC will drop and cannot reach the set value. When the vehicle is driving at medium and high speeds, the user can turn on this mode to ensure that the engine is in the economic zone and use the surplus power for power generation, thereby taking into account both fuel economy and power.

According to BYD’s previous sales in January 2021, the brand sold a total of 42,094 vehicles in January, a year-on-year increase of 68%. Among them, the sales of new energy models was 19,871, a year-on-year increase of 183.1%. Among them, BYD Han, which is more popular, sold a total of 12,103 vehicles in January 2021, achieving six consecutive months of sales growth and the third consecutive month that sales exceeded 10,000. In the past 2020, BYD has also become the hottest brand among Chinese brands. Of course, this aspect is due to the current major development trend of new energy, and BYD also has a good operation of vehicle models and electrification technology.(More in Autofun: harga toyota rush)


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