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When you wish to stack mf. Extending D2R Items the previous sentence when using Crescent Moon you will often require FCR gear in slots which are otherwise used to stack Mf. The Oculus is a great choice as a weapon that can be used in general that has mf. You can socket it using an Ist If you wish. Another alternative for a light-sorc is the Tal's 4-piece, which uses all of the components, except for the mask. Further details on this setup are below.

If your already possess a good amount of light res from -enemy It's a tiny bit like an edge-case but if you've got Infinity or Griffon's and some lightning facets scattered throughout your equipment, then the -enemy res of CM isn't as effective. It can still be helpful however, you'll prefer to acquire skills such as FCR and some light facets in your weapons slot. In contrast, the FCR of Griffon's compensates for the absence of FCR on CM which means you won't need to trade FCR for +skills and still receive an increase in damage with the CM. Do some calculations or play around with different options when you have the equipment to play around with.

It has the highest combination of +skills as well as FCR and resistances that any single-handed weapon available in the game. It's not as effective at dealing damage as CM on average, however the abilities still give an excellent boost in damage, and if you're struggling to hit the 117 FCR breaking point or If your resistances are weak enough to cause difficulties with survival the HOTO weapon is the weapon you're looking for. Based on the type of game you're farming and the gear you own, one option I like is to employ HOTO as your primary weapon, and to keep CM on the side to deal with opponents with high resistance to lightning or damaged lightning immunes.

Eschuta's Temper is technically one of the strongest damage weapons that can be used by a light sorc, however the +lightning damage of Eschuta's does not make a impact on your overall damage output. It is added on top of you Lightning Mastery, which will be over 400% at the end of the game So a flawless Eschuta's can only boost the damage of your lightning by about 4% or less. A small amount of damage boost from even a flawless Eschuta's isn't worth the loss of the resistances of HOTO. The only reason to go with Eschuta's instead of HOTO is to get an more mf (by connecting Eschuta's to and IS) or cheap diablo 2 resurrected items you want the random teleports that Occy has.


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