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The It Works!  Immunity System is a true system -extraordinary. Research has revealed that he has a number of miracles that cannot be understood by humans or imitated even though sophisticated technology is currently available.

The immune system is a complex and appropriate function that recognizes any foreign invasion with any substance, bacteria or viruses that will cause disease or endanger the host in any way. When foreign substances attack the body, inflammatory conditions produce tissue that is affected. The main example is when a patient has a tissue that is transplanted from others, lives or dies to their bodies. Their immune system will reject the instilled tissue, and to prevent this, they must use certain drugs for the rest of their lives to try to prevent this rejection.


Another example is when someone has a cold more often than usual. Their immune system has not been able to fend off the rhino that attacks which causes this cold. There may also be more serious consequences due to immune system disorders. This can be very serious, and there may be attacks on the main organs of the body. The immune system can also turn on the individual's body when it fails to recognize certain tissues and feel that it is a invader. Conditions that occur when this scenario is played is called “Auto-Imun Lack”, or “automatic immune disorders”.

The immune system is distinguished from other systems, such as the digestive system, cardiovascular, skeletal, lymphatic, and nerve. The immune system consists of and can be found in our body cells. This is mainly white blood cells (WBC), fighters that attack invaders when the body is compromised and can cause body damage. There are also unique white cells such as eosinophils, lymphocytes, basophiles, etc. Who are soldiers in their own rights. There are also T-cells that help maintain the immune system. When they are revealed, the body's ability to fight disease is revealed. This then consists of the immune system. When these cells are drained or disturbed in any way, immunity is inherited and individuals can develop autoimmune disorders that can result in an increase in infection or tumor formation. For example, every individual has cancer cells in their bodies. But they do not have cancer. That is when there are details of the immune system, these cancer cells begin to multiply, and that's when they can develop full cancer.

Other factors have a big influence on the immune system. The environment, the air that we breathe and everything around us can have an influence on the strength of our immune system. We are really surrounded by poisons in our daily lives, from our carpet, curtains, beds, clothes we wear, even when they come from cleansers, and cleaning products used at home. Personally everyone uses several forms of cosmetics, shampoo, after washing, deodorant, etc. It all contains chemicals that can have several toxins related to their use. Cooking can be another area where we can get poison. For example, scorched flesh can be poisonous to the body. There are other areas too; Like food stored in a plastic container, food cooked in aluminum equipment, metal patch in our teeth, all of them can contribute toxins in our bodies. Although this poison is small when released, in time they can have an impact on our immune system, causing weakening, and in some cases of total disorders.

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