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It’s Okay to be Confused about your Career Choice

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Don't be ashamed to ask for help if it is difficult for you to choose the best career.

“Perhaps when we no longer know what to do, we have achieved our real work, and when we no longer know where the path is, we will begin our whole real journey. The idea of ​​not being confused is not used. A blocked current sings. “

– Wendell Berry, American writer, poet, environmental activist, and farmer
Career planning is an extremely crucial process. It leads to decisions that impact not just one’s daily life but also one’s long-term goals.

How important it, if not done right, can result in a loss of valuable time, self-doubt and frustration.


The Beginning of Career Confusion

While some individuals are clear in their choices, others face many difficulties in deciding on a suitable career and trying to achieve their dreams.

Career confusion can begin during student years and continue in professional life.

I have the experience that career confusion takes root when children in adult life say they can be what they want, but as these young people grow up, the same adults often begin to question their decisions and choices. They show cynicism in the idea of ​​creating a passion for the profession ’.

At that moment, there is frustration. Such students can transfer this feeling into their adult lives. They may even be confused and frightened at a later stage when considering a career change. If this problem is not resolved, it can continue indefinitely.

Confusion is Natural

Confusion is an epistemic emotion, that is, it is a natural emotion involved in the development of our knowledge and understanding. For example, career confusion forces individuals to think about their options, explore opportunities, seek clarification, and make well-thought-out decisions.

Speaking of my journey, my career turmoil and panic began in high school. All my friends were looking for college while I didn't know my next steps!

I belong to Kullu – a small town in the lush green valley of Himachal Pradesh – where the only “career opportunities” most students think they have are medicine, engineering, teaching, or government services.

However, this did not prevent me from looking for other career opportunities. I mean a few options that I find interesting, but I know very little about the courses I have to take or the universities that are best for me.

Without knowledge of career counselling, I began to help professionals working in the chosen field. My interactions with them have helped me gain valuable insights into these areas of my work. But it's an annoying way to understand my suitability (or lack thereof) for different careers.

Here is an example. To research the profession of physiotherapy, I consulted with a physiotherapist. At first, the therapist thought I was there for ‘treatment' and began asking me about ‘my problems.' When I told him I was there to better understand his profession, he sat still. “This is the first time a student in town has approached me about something like this,” he said before sharing the successes and failures of his working life, his career, and the challenges. I also worked with a psychologist and other experts.

Work your way towards Clarity

In the end, I made an informed career decision, but it was a long, winding road. I now realize that I would have saved valuable time if I knew more about the benefits of Global career counselling.

Now that I work with students, I tell them that confusion about career advancement is normal – at any age … that no one ‘thinks about everything' … It will immediately stop their panic.

All stakeholders in the education system – students, parents, teachers, and society – must understand that astute young people can lose lightning under heavy and constant stress. The burden of career expectations is placed on them – on themselves and others. I repeat – confusion is never bad. It shows that you are trying to analyze and understand.

However, I would recommend all young people seek career guidance from professionals and save their time, energy, and other resources. Don't be ashamed to ask for help if it is difficult for you to choose the best career.

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