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It’s time to talk about lip care. A lot of us tend to rely on our favorite lip balm and that’s the extent of our lip care. But the skin that defines our lips can be incredibly sensitive. It’s thin and easily affected by all kinds of environmental factors, like sun and wind. It doesn’t take much for the natural moisture on the surface of our lips to be sapped away. This can leave your lips feeling dry and looking chapped.

What can you do? It can be as simple as adding lip scrubs and treatments to your daily skincare routine. We often put a greater emphasis on taking care of the rest of our skin, from head to toe, and our lips can be left out. If you desire hydrated, fuller, kissably soft lips, they’re closer than you might think. All it takes is a few minutes of TLC every day and they’re yours.

Alluring Ways to Take Care of Your Lips

Using a balm is a great step in caring for your lips, but there are a few more things you can add to achieve fuller, more hydrated lips. Start with a lip scrub made with ingredients that can enrich your lips from the outside inward. These are ingredients like shea butter, castor seed oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C. You also want real sugar in your scrub that can help buff away signs of dryness along with visible signs of dead skin.

Talk of dry and dead skin might not be alluring, but the results can be. Gently exfoliating your lips with a nourishing and hydrating scrub can result in softer, fuller lips. Of course, you want to lock in hydration. This is where lip balm comes in. But not all balms are created equal. There are those made with questionable ingredients like parabens and then there are those made with natural, vegan ingredients like sweet almond oil, castor seed oil, and vitamin E.

From Scrubs to Overnight Masks

Gentle sugar scrubs are great for revitalizing lips and balms are great for locking in moisture. But there’s yet another product that can bring lush hydration to your lips, and it works while you sleep. If you want to enhance your lip care regimen, an overnight lip mask can take things to the next level.

Why an overnight lip mask? Overnight masks, including facial masks, allow nourishing and hydrating ingredients to work over a longer period. The idea is that the ingredients have more opportunity to enrich your lips—ingredients like castor seed oil, mango seed butter, shea butter, and vitamin E. The great thing about this kind of lip treatment is how simple it is. Apply before bed and go to sleep! When you wake up, your lips may be softer and more hydrated.

Chapped Lips Are a Thing of the Past

If there’s one reason to add lip care to your daily (or nightly) skincare routine, it’s to maintain hydrated, fuller, kissably soft lips. When you keep up with using lip scrubs, balms, and even the occasional overnight lip mask, that’s what you can get—maintained lips. You can say goodbye to tired, chapped lips. When you give your lips more, the sun and the wind don’t stand a chance!

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