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Universal Srushti Fertility Center is one of the Best Fertility Center in India with over 30 years of experience in dealing with fertility problems.


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Every couple’s dream is to have a beautiful family with children. However, some couples are unable to fulfill their dreams because of infertility. Many people think of quitting their dream due to the lack of awareness about the artificial procedure which helps to conceive.Yes, you read right ART – Assisted Reproductive Techniques has occupied a bigger place today and some of the Best IVF Centre in KPHB, Secunderabad are serving millions of couples worldwide who cannot conceive naturally.There are different types of ART procedures. Among them, let’s discuss IVF – In-Vitro Fertilization, popularly called the “Test tube baby” method, which provides promising results in fulfilling your dream of having a baby. Let’s get in to know what IVF is, how it works, and the benefits of this procedure.

What Is IVF?

IVF was a mysterious procedure long back, but not anymore; it almost became a household procedure today. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process in which fertilization is facilitated outside the mother’s artificially in test tubes if a couple has no chance to conceive naturally or for a surrogacy procedure. Here a woman’s ovulation process is stimulated artificially to collect eggs, and the eggs are fertilized with their partner sperm in the laboratory using medical techniques. The entire artificial fertilization process is done in a lab by creating an ideal environment simulating the natural conditions. After fertilization, the eggs(embryo) are kept under observation for three or five days and then transferred into the womb. The pregnancy process follows the natural procedure once the embryo is attached to the uterine wall.


How Is An IVF Performed – A Step by step Guide

If you decided to undergo an IVF procedure, then be choosy from consulting the right doctor and careful until the delivery of your baby.

IVF Cost in KPHB, Secunderabad

Trust us; consultation plays a KEY ROLE if you decide to go for IVF. Well, it is important because – the experience of the doctor and a well-equipped lab is all it matters in IVF. The more the experience of a fertility doctor, the more promising results. And yes if you are concerned about the IVF Cost in KPHB, Secunderabad, then you don’t have to worry about that too, as they offer the best in that too.

At Universal Srushti Fertility Center, we have highly experienced and the best fertility doctors in Hyderabad. We will let you know all the possible treatment options for you after conducting some tests for both partners. If IVF is the option for you, our doctor will brief you about IVF and the pros and cons of treatment.

Post consultation

we let the couple take their time to decide what they want to do. The important factor to remember is trust; you should trust your doctor. Our patient privacy is also important for us, so we make sure every detail of yours is kept in secret. We also appreciate having a second opinion of another doctor if you want. Trust is very essential here.

Ovarian stimulation

Before starting the IVF procedure, you should make some lifestyle changes and take some medicines to stimulate your ovaries. Your ovaries naturally release one egg every month. Harvesting one egg becomes difficult in this IVF procedure. So, your ovaries will be triggered by giving medicines to release more eggs. Some supplementary medicines are also given to maintain normal hormone levels.

Harvesting Eggs

Harvesting eggs means collecting eggs. Around 36 hours after medication, the eggs are extracted from the follicles. The eggs can’t be harvested too soon or too late because it hinders natural development. So, a doctor uses an intervaginal ultrasound technique to evaluate the condition of the eggs and decides the right retrieval time. When it’s time, under local anesthesia, a micro needle is guided with the help of ultrasound imaging into your ovaries through the vagina, and eggs are collected using suction. The collected eggs are sent to an embryologist who can assess the number of healthy eggs collected. Six or more healthy eggs are considered good, and these eggs are stored in the incubator.



Collecting Sperms

The partner sperm sample is collected earlier for egg retrieval. We suggest you provide the sperm sample in a reserved chamber at the clinic. This is because the semen should be collected in a sterile vessel to keep it warm. Within an hour of retrieval, it should be delivered to experts for further process. The sample is examined to evaluate the quantity and quality of sperm. If required healthy sperm is not found in the given semen sample, a micro needle is used to obtain the semen sample, and then it is processed to recover healthy sperm.


Now the sperm and the matured eggs are placed in a petri dish (Petri plate or cell-culture dish) in a special lab for fertilization. Sometimes, a chosen sperm is directly injected into an egg to eliminate the uncertainty of pregnancy. This is called the ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) process. The fertilized eggs are kept under observation for around five days before transferring to check their survival and development.

Embryo Transfer

After observation, the healthy embryos are transferred into your uterus with the help of special medical equipment called catheters (a small tube) under the guidance of an ultrasound imaging technique. Based on the availability, 2 to 3 embryos are transferred into your uterus to improve the conception chances. If any one of the transferred embryos gets attached to lining your uterus, it means You Are PREGNANT! You can go for a pregnancy confirmation test after two weeks. You can go home on the same day after the IVF procedure. However, it is recommended to take 24-hour bed rest after embryo transfer. The process is almost painless. The success rate of IVF procedure depends on various factors such as age, underlying health conditions, etc. For women of the age under 35 years, the success chances range from 40% to 45%, and for women above 42 years, it is nearly 15%. Of course, it might be a little expensive compared to other ART methods, but the results are highly promising. If you conceive in the first attempt of IVF procedure, it will be cost-effective.







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