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Jade Plants online from Nurserylive at lowest price.

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About Jade Plants

Jade Plants are known to bring good luck and fortune to your house. This is why it is seen commonly in houses and even offices. And these plants are quite easy to grow. They fall into the category of hardy plants. Thus, many beginners want to try their luck in gardening with these plants. 

Jade Plant Online



About Jade Plants


Below we give you some important tips on how to take care of Jade plants to keep them healthy and strong.


Jade Plants must be watered adequately. You must never leave them to dry out. But overwatering can also damage the root of these plants and thus it is advised to follow a proper watering routine for these plants. In case you spot any brown dots on the leaves of these plants, then that might be because of overwatering.


Jade Plants thrive in sunlight. Therefore, make sure that they get the full amount of sunlight every day.


Jade Plants must be fertilized every six months. Use a water-soluble fertilizer for these plants. Also, make sure that whenever you are fertilizing these plants, then the soil should never be dry else it might rot the roots.


Buy Jade Plants from Nursery Live

NurseryLive is the best online nursery for you. This is the millennial age, where having a green corner in your home is not only a luxury but a necessity as well. And with this website, we bring the green corner to your doorstep. You can enjoy a wide selection of plants only at this place. So, order your favourite jade plants and relish them in your home. Don’t forget to share a picture with us.

jade plant benefits

You must have one jade plant in your home due to its enormous appeal as a houseplant Jade plant benefits are well known They help you clean your indoor air increase humidity and good luck symbol.




jade plant bonsai

Because of their low upkeep and distinct appearance jade plants make great bonsai masterpieces Jade Plant Bonsai can withstand dry soil moderate humidity and light shade Jade trees adapt well to bonsai and can withstand intense pruning.

jade plant indoor

Jade plants are glossy plants which makes them quite hardy and easy to cultivate indoors Jade plants in indoors with proper care may live for a very long period They make an excellent decorative houseplant because of their thick woody stems and treelike look.

jade plants for good luck


Jade plants for good luck can be planted in your gardens A jade plant is a succulent that has a repute for attracting money In Asia the Jade Plant is supposed to generate financial spirits and is a popular good luck charm The vivid green leaves of this lovely succulent plant represent growth and rejuvenation.



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