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Table of content:

  • How is the taste?
  • Which ingredients are made of?
  • What is the benefit of Jakeman's blackcurrant menthol?

How is the test?

It's chad from jake's maple products we want to thank you for your continued support and these uncertain times here at Jakeman's we're looking forward to a brighter future we plan to grow and elevate the businesses around like to welcome you to our brand new state-of-the-art facility it's one of a kind in the province of Ontario it's British Sweet square feet and all food-grade so it'll be back certified and in layman's terms that basically means it's the top food safety certification you can possibly get and there's nothing like it in the province currently there are some unique processes that we're doing in here too like maple sugar on a mass scale and portion packing that maple sugar to get the price point where the everyday consumer can purchase it this is a completely renewable resource made here in supporting jobs and we want to promote and grow that segment invite you to try our products and see what all the buzz is about.

Which ingredients are made of?

Everybody today thanks to brian we're going to be doing another British taste test we have two packets today these actually came together in a rubber band we think we don't know that would have been posted doing that well now they're together something strange with this one is sealed in a plastic bag was found either in loose in the mail or damaged whilst being processed so we got a free plastic bag from post yay what it's Crips UK you don't get much for free these days we haven't known hello tam and time here's some more stuff from the to try mine has chocolate in it mine has seats there are things that we love which is chocolate we love chocolate and then there are things that you love brian's already put a lot of thoughts into this four different flavours of these ones they're from the same company extra special now Asda is supermarket we think is it let's try.

What is the benefit of Jakeman's blackcurrant menthol?

This one first it's salted butterscotch milk chocolate and we do love a milk chocolate 39 cacao and it comes in cardboard which makes it look really special it does we wouldn't have thought it was a supermarket brand it could be wrong oh look at that is looking really really promising it's got a little embossed picture on the front of it too oh smells good we nearly snapped that with my mouth okay you can't Crips much inside there but uh do you want half a piece of this chocolate or a full piece well we are grateful we get half actually we will give you the big half because they're nice to let me see a little bit of butterscotch in there when you bite it they're like little tiny shards of butterscotch that's really nice the chocolate's pretty good chocolate is really nice and smooth, the salt goes really well with it that's my salt level oh yeah just got the salt very nice okay that can be in.


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