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Jalaj Kumar Anupam, a native of Champaran Bihar currently resides in Delhi, has been constantly engaged in enhancing the prestige of Bhojpuri language. He believes that very soon, the world will talk about Bhojpuri literature and culture. He is the author of two books, the first book titled “Hamar Pahchan” published in the Bhojpuri language on behalf of Maithili Bhojpuri Academy, Delhi Government. His second book is a children’s poetry collection titled “Atkan-Achkan”, which was duly appreciated and received critical acclaim by Bhojpuri scholars across the globe. He says that Dr Brajbhushan Mishra and Dr Ashok Dwivedi contribute to make me fond of Bhojpuri literature.


The author shares his journey and experience in a crux, “when he first arrived in Delhi in the year 2013 and he observed that there are many institutes working for Bhojpuri but there is lack of unity among them. He made an attempt to bring some institutions together but unfortunately, but that effort was unsuccessful. In 2015, he started a blog in the name of Bhojpuri Manthan to discuss different aspects Bhojpuri. Furthermore, he explained that when he watched the literature festival of other languages being held in Delhi he felt that why there could not have a Bhojpuri literature festival whose literary heritage is already so rich. So he made a draft of the Bhojpuri literature festival and tried contacting few people. Initially, it was a bit challenging for him as people did not show much interest in it but apparently and eventually Avinash Tripathi, the founder of the Bhojpuri Association of India went ahead and gave him encouragement of forging ahead. After this Mr Ajit Dubey, President of Bhojpuri Samaj in Delhi also extended a lot of support. And in this way, the first literature festival of Bhojpuri was held in 2018 in the association of “Bhojpuri Asociation of India” and “Maithili Bhojpuri Academy, Delhi Government”. In 2019, we also performed the same.


Jalaj further explained that he always keeps on talking to Mr Ajit Dubey and takes information about the movement related to the recognition of Bhojpuri in the Eighth schedule. His own belief is that before the Eighth Schedule government adds Bhojpuri, the government should bring Bhojpuri as a language in the Sahitya Akademi. Education which is in the concurrent list, based on this, states should put pressure on UGC and include Bhojpuri. By which the children who are studying in Bhojpuri and moving ahead have a bright future!


Jalaj says that Bhojpuri is the most spoken language in India after Hindi. Respecting this language is like giving respect to Guru Gorakhnath and Kabir. Remembering the first President of the country, he says that when he used to correspond with his wife, his language was Bhojpuri. There is immense potential in Bhojpuri and Bhojpuri regions. The government should take meaningful steps for the development of Bhojpuri. He says with great sadness that Bhojpuri is constantly falling into the maze of deceit and conspiracies. He expresses hope from the present central government that this government is in favour of Indian languages. Now, it has to be seen whether it can do justice to the identity of the 25 crores Bhojpuriya people.


Every kind of rich literature is already present in Bhojpuri and is being written continuously even today. Since there is less talk on Bhojpuri literature in cities like Delhi-Mumbai, many people do not know, and there is confusion among the people. He expresses that very soon, the whole world will talk about Bhojpuri literature, and for that, Bhojpuri people will have to come forward and fight for it.Jalaj has recently got the responsibility of Sanskar Bharti, the convener of Bhojpuri cultural group in Bihar state and minister in North Bihar province. He is preparing to organize the first art festival of Bhojpuri this year through Sanskar Bharti Bihar in Champaran.



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