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Java course details

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What Is Mean By JAVA?

Java is nothing but a trending computer language since a decade and it is a platform. Java is a highly secure, high level, robust and object oriented programming language and most trending language in IT industries for development. Best Java certification Course offers in different classes and Java Training institute

Java was found in the earliest year 1995 by Sun Microsystems and the founder or father of Java is “James gosling”.

Do you know old name Of Java?

First name of java was Oak but the name “oak” Already registered company name , so James and his team introduced oak to “Java”

Do you know what are the Applications of Java?

As per the data given by Sun Microsystems, currently approximately three billion runs on java it means there are lot of devices run on java we can learn from Java Courses and Java Developer course Some of the examples of java applications are given as below.

  • It is widely used in gamings.
  • It also plays vital role in robotics.
  • Used in computer desktop applications

Ex: media player, anitiviruses etc.

  • Used in web-applications.
  • Used in Mobiles & laptops.
  • Used in Smartcards ex: debit/credit cards.
  • Used in embedded systems.


What are the types of java applications?

Below are the mainly four types of applications that could be created with the help of Java Course.

  1. Standalone application.
  2. Web Application.
  3. Enterprise Application.
  4. Mobile Application.

We are here going to discuss about more details of java applications also we can learnt it from Java Developer course and Best Java Training institute

  1. Standalone Applications: Standalone applications are nothing but a desktops applications and these applications are conventional software that we have to installed on each machine for easy  use and

Examples of standalone applications are as follows: chrome browser, Microsoft word, Photoshop, notepad etc.

  1. Web Applications: In this paragraph we are going to discuss about web-applications of java. Web application is nothing but an application that runs on server side and creates a dynamic page known as “web-application”. In IT industry spring boot, hibernate, JSF, JSP etc technologies are used for creating web applications in Java.
  2. Enterprise Applications: In this paragraph we are going to discuss about enterprises applications. It is widely use in corporate sectors and industries because of highly secure, load balancing and clustering such as in banking, finance, manufacture industries etc.
  3. Mobile Applications: Applications which are created by considering mobile devices are called as mobile applications. In mobile application mostly android and java used for creating mobile applications.


What are the different platforms of java: Java Has a four different platforms or editions mentioned as below.

  • Java SE(java standard edition): It is programming platform which includes API’s as java.lang,java.io,java.net,java.sql,java.math etc. it Includes core topics like OOP’s,string,regex,exception,AWT etc.
  • Java EE( java enterprise edition):In simple words Java EE is a collection of specifications for developing and deploying enterprises applications
  • Java ME (java micro edition): It is micro platform that is dedicated to mobile applications.
  • JavaFx: It uses to develop rich internet applications. It uses lightweight user interface API


Do you know what the prerequisites for Java learning are?

To learn java, you must have the basic knowledge of c/c++ programming language and for learning you can join Best Java Training institute and java Training institute












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