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Lithium battery: Reliable Power for the long stretch

All style lithium-Ion batteries for practically every make and model Of electric forklift trucks

Assuming complete expense of possession is a worry, beating lithium-particle technology is hard. Lithium-particle fueled trucks can run dependably and reliably over numerous movements, decreasing time spent on support and charging. Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Forklift Trucks

Zeroed in on efficiency

Lithium-particle batteries are wellsuited for multi shift activities, with no presentation corruption and quick re-energize ability.

Space for tasks

There's no requirement for space-eating battery charging and evolving stations, permitting activities to retake space for center business errands.

Zero maitenance

Simply energize and go. Benefit from programmed leveling and no cleaning or watering.

Prevalent hot and cold execution

Lithium-particle batteries function admirably in hot, cold and cooler tasks, so you have the adaptability to utilize a similar forklift all through your whole effort.

Simple emanations consistence

No hurtful outflows while in activity.

Lithium Batteries are the Better Alternative

Lithium battery and energy stockpiling interestingly join the advantages of lithium with our protected Battery Management System (BMS). This boosts execution and life span to decisively beat and outlive conventional batteries and energy stockpiling arrangements, and at a much lower lifetime cost.

Why Lithium Battery Technology?

  • half More Energy Efficient
  • 40% Longer Run Times
  • half Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • 45% Lower Cost Than Lead Acid Batteries – 75% with GSE
  • Attachment and Play Technology
  • No Battery Storage Needed
  • Dispense with Dangers of Gases and Acids
  • Batteries for Nearly all Makes and Models
  • Harmless to the ecosystem – No Lead or Acid
  • first UL Listed Lithium-particle Battery Pack for Forklifts

Dispense with Watering

Improve on your activities by done expecting to oversee watering plans for your batteries. This isn't just an immense life hack, yet permits administrators to zero in on moving item as opposed to keeping up with battery support plans.

Longer Lasting

The level release bend and high supported voltage mean forklifts run quicker on each charge, without getting lazy. The general battery duration endures 2x than that of lead-corrosive other options, subsequently giving huge monetary reserve funds.

Particular Blade Design

Our Lithium battery innovation is a particular framework using up to four edges, every cutting edge containing 7kWh of force. Up to four sharp edges can be introduced in the battery box, making customization and upkeep simple.

Quick Charge On Demand

All you want is one battery for every truck. No more battery rooms. No ventilation required while charging. Speedy open door charge implies your group can essentially connect the gear during breaks, then, at that point, return to work.

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