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Jeans have become a symbol of casual wear. This attire which is originally from the US has become immensely popular. Most of the clothes are divided into genders or are age specific. What started as an attire worn by high-class urban ladies transformed into a casual fit worn by everyone. There is no restriction of gender with this attire. For women’s jeans, varieties are popular. Some are ankle-length jeans, women's wide-leg jeans, and so on. With time fashion changes. Fashion also changed for types of jeans, but they never went out.

What’s so special in these primarily blue denim pants? The level of comfort one gets with properly fitting Jeans is different altogether. You can team one pair of jeans with different kinds of tops. 

Nothing like black jeans

While blue has been the most popular and oldest colour in jeans, black is almost as accepted, if not more. The reason is simple black jeans can team in many colours. If you decide to go monochrome, dress all black in black jeans and a black top. Are you going for a contrasting look with a white top and black jeans? It is difficult to assert when black jeans became popular other than the blues. Cowboys wore Black jeans originally around the 1930s in the US. This rugged colour and pattern is slowly placed in the world of fashion for women. Black jeans for women are still going strong.

Jeans, through the ages

Fashion often repeats itself. It has been proven time and again that what was popular in the past, becomes popular in the present as well. Well, jeans have remained here for a long time, but the pattern of jeans was different through the times. 

  • Wide-leg jeans – This look was popular in yesteryear. This popular style from the past has made a comeback. Earlier, it had other names like bell bottoms. This popular style is immensely comfortable, especially in tropical weather where heat and humidity cause a lot of trouble.
  • Ankle length jeans – This is currently in trend, and as evident by the name, is ankle length. Bell Bottoms, especially in olden times, reached the floor, but ankle-length jeans have made it to a more practical length. It is a representation of multitasking women with a desire for fashion.
  • Straight-fit jeans– Straight-fit jeans are currently in style. This style also belongs to the category of making a comeback from the yesteryears of the 80s. It is snug for travelling, casual outings or any informal occasion.

Jeans yesterday, today and tomorrow

Jeans have been here for ages and will remain here for the time to come. All types of fashion make comebacks, sometimes with slight changes and other times as it is. Other forms of fashion come and go because of comfort or ease of wearing, but jeans are here to stay for their practical use and uber-chic image. The best part about jeans is their versatility. The style guide for jeans is flowy as so many things look good with the jeans. ONLY has a great collection of jeans for women that you should check out!


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