Jesus, the Ultimate Answer to Evil and Suffering

Set goals. I believe in setting goals. BiohackingSecrets Review I have always been a goal setter and at times my goals were loftier than others. At times I have set myself up for disappointment by outdoing myself with my own goals, but I learned to “revamp” and start again. However, I believe in the old saying, “if you don't aim for something you'll miss it every time.” You have to have a goal to aim for, or you'll wander around aimlessly for a long time. After setting the goals you move on to the next, important step.

Seek accountability. For a long time, I wondered why my goals were so unreachable, why I felt I was “spinning my wheels”, and even why I couldn't, “get anything done”. I was day after day attempting to do too much too soon, or put my “cart before my horse”. I didn't see how much I was really doing, I felt that I was going nowhere when I was actually getting somewhere I just couldn't see it. That's when I decided to seek accountability. Having someone in my life to point out where I was successful, to encourage me and to help me prioritize has been a huge blessing and has definitely been a vital step in my strategy. With this step accomplished you'll be well on your way to the final step.

Just do it! It seems cliché, and it may be a little intimidating, but if you're going to get anywhere you are going to have to take that step, you're going to have to just do it. This will vary from project to project, sometimes this will be easier than other times, while some times, it will be “easier said than done.” But the fact is for any project to be finished, for any goal to become a reality, for any dream to come true, you must take action. That is what the final step is all about and it is how my strategy works.


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