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Do you need to go into the jewelry drop shipping or are you already having your web store? If yes then you might have faced jobs like getting different product listings from the supplier, updated product descriptions, stock, and prices. In this blog, we’ll show you how jewelry website scraping assists in getting these kinds of data very fast and well-structured.

Scraping Jewelry Website Data for Product Information

Assume that you need to feature your new jewelry range in the store. The quickest way of adding new products is uploading them from the file given by the manufacturer or supplier. Although, they would offer product listing in their individual format, you have to adapt the file structure to import it. Also, there might be many information missing as well as these information are required to make new products.

A workaround is scraping the required product information using Retailgators.

Retailgators is the data scraping service, which offers data-on-demand. Data is given in the well- structured CSV format as per your requirement. Ordering this service will help you find necessary product information scraped from the supplier website (provided they given their consent) as well as given in the import-compatible formats.

For hiring jewelry data scraping service, just fill the order form with the given details:

  • Product Information: Name, category, price, description, as well as other required fields.
  • Website to scrape data from: In case, you need data from any particular category(s), give a category list or links.
  • Targeted shopping cart: In case, you plan on import the extracted file to the online store as well as you need a file well-matched with the store admin, give name of a shopping cart.
  • Contact email: Give your email id to which extracted data would be sent.

When you send the request, you will find a test extracted file for assessment. You could import this file to ensure that it is correctly processed a well as products got uploaded. After confirming the extracted data that fits your requirements, the costing for complete scraping is given and you will get the whole listings.

Just go through the example of jewelry listing scraping tailor-made for importing to Shopify:

source code: 



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