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This is the Employers/Managers Version.

Are you tired of that gloomy vibe that always surrounds your workplace? Maybe you lack vitamin Joy at your workplace. Happy employees are what can drive more success and turn arounds. Happy employees are innovative, creative, and dedicated to their work and the company they work for compared to unhappy ones. And they are a lot more likely to stick around over a longer period. Even small gestures such as saying ‘thank you’ can also go a long way in their career.

Sounds too good to be true? Most studies and many workplaces show that happiness has a direct influence and relation to the business bottom line. Especially the cost of disengagement. HBR explains that engagement in work directly related to feeling secure, values, respected, and supported is mostly negatively linked to the high stress and cut through culture.

Going ahead, the research also explains that workers that are disengaged had:

60% more errors and faults in their work

49% more accidents

37% more absenteeism

If you don't want to see such a culture in your company, you must focus on the brighter side of how you can bring joy to your workplaces. This will make your employees work more diligently and be focused on what they are assigned.

  1. Have workplace appreciation:
  2. Host engaging team building events:
  3. Show care:
  4. Greet with positivity:
  5. Recognize people:
  6. Make work fulfilling:
  7. Let them breath:
  8. Encourage workplace wellness:
  9. Hire happy people:
  10. Refrain from micromanaging:



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