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What is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is an open directory platform that provides safe, frictionless access to any resource, from any device, from any location. JumpCloud's mission is to “Make Work Happen” by allowing employees to access business IT resources from any device or location.

It is a zero-trust directory platform that includes capabilities such as single sign-on, cloud LDAP, Cloud RADIUS, multi-factor authentication, device management, server access, and more. JumpCloud aims to provide a comprehensive IAM solution for cloud-forward businesses, whether you need to manage cloud-based apps or on-premise devices.

Further are the some comparison of jumpcloud and okta and jumpcloud features

JumpCloud Pros & Cons


  • The most valuable features of JumpCloud are flexibility, policy management for devices, and device patch management.
  • JumpCloud has the ability to integrate all applications.
  • Setting up new devices or setting up new users inside the system is easy.


  • They are only giving the three standard features, such as SSO radius.
  • JumpCloud can improve its synchronization of identities.

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What is Okta?

Okta is one of the major identification providers, with over 15,000 companies entrusting their users’ data to it. Okta offers SSO, multi-factor authentication, enhanced server access, universal directory, and more through its cloud-based platform. Okta is a service that secures interpersonal interactions through a single, integrated platform.

Okta Pros & Cons


  • Okta provides a number of options with respect to multifactor authentication, such as the app, phone call, and text.
  • Okta is quite simple. You can integrate any software into Okta
  • Setting up new devices or setting up new users inside the system is easy.


  • The integration with third-party tools needs to be improved.
  • The guest user access could be improved.
  • Okta Workforce Identity could improve the way passwords are reset and how it interfaces with Microsoft.


JumpCloud is an open directory platform that enables secure, frictionless access to any resource, from any device, from any location. Okta is an enterprise-grade identity management service that was designed in the cloud from the ground up and is delivered with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Both JumpCloud and Okta can manage access to any programme, user, or device from any device, at any time.

According to the JumpCloud features, the comparison between JumpCloud and Okta is basically about whether core directory services or web application single sign-on (SSO) are more important to you. JumpCloud pricing is the most inexpensive at F60 host.

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