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June birthstone Alexandrite is a rare and appealing gemstone widely popular for its mystical and color-changing effect. It’s a natural and rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. It has remarkable color-changing quality, notably shifting from green to red in different lighting. The stone is also known as emerald by day and ruby by night.

Alexandrite is not just a birthstone of June but also an anniversary stone for celebrating 55 years of marriage. The gemstone is ideal for selecting gifts; that’s why the stone is popular in the jewelry making industry.

Alexandrite birthstone history

Alexandrite is an expensive stone, originally discovered in 1830 in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The stone is rarely found; thus, it costs high. However, the origin of the June birthstone didn’t last too long, and now, Russia is the place where you impossibly find Alexandrite. In current times, most Alexandrite comes from Brazil, Sri-Lanks, and East Africa.

The stone got its inspired name from the young Alexandrite II, heir apparent to the throne. Alexandrite caught the country’s attention, and the featured colors of the stone are associated with the national military of imperial Russia. June birthstone alexandrite, Alexandrite, has several exotic features that separate it from other gemstones, and is renowned as an expensive gem.

Mesmerizing characteristics of Alexandrite

The gemstone, Alexandrie, is famous for its magnificent features. The stone is made up of beryllium, aluminum, and oxygen; it belongs to the chrysoberyl mineral family. The stone has a unique phenomenon that is called chatoyancy or the cat’s-eye effect. This feature makes the stone stunning and fascinating.

Alexandrite also falls in color-changing effect, depending upon the light. It changes its color from green (bluish-green) to red (reddish-purple / pinkish-purple). Because of this, the stone is described as emerald by day and ruby by night. Diamonds are forever, but Alexandrite is rare and comes after diamonds in terms of hardness. It’s the rarest gem of the chrysoberyl variety. It’s durable; that’s why people use the gem for jewelry.

Furthermore, it has been believed that the stone contains metaphysical powers and benefits its wearer unconditionally. If you have a baby born in June, the gemstone is ideal to use. It brings good fortune and strives to forward the life of an individual towards positive things. The stone is highly used among folks for love, luck, and good fortune. It boosts self-control and improves spiritual energy. Indeed, it’s a special and beneficial gemstone.

Alexandrite’s caring and cleaning

Alexandrite is all about joy and beauty as the natural stone has incredible features, excellently considered for making jewelry. It has 8.5 Mohs scale hardness without any cleavage. Furthermore, it tends to remain strong and unbreakable. That’s why the stone is a great choice for daily use and is primarily demanded in the jewelry-making industry.

The stone doesn’t require advanced care as it already has remarkable properties thriving the stone for a long time. You can easily clean the stone using warm, soapy water, ultrasonic, and steam cleaners. These are safe and easily clean the stone.

In Closing

Alexandrite has mercurial and appealing beauty as it features glowing and unique hues. Plus, the stone is perfect for giving to your loved ones, especially people born in June. You can get your customized Alexandrite jewelry from the Rare Gem Collection. Contact them to talk about designing your all-time favorite Alexandrite heirloom.


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