Dispatch furniture is no small investment. Many separate parts come together to complete an operator’s workspace, including the technical equipment and the furniture itself. At best, you want to set up the most optimal space for your operators so they are comfortable and healthy and therefore efficiently productive. 

Given the budgetary constraints in any organization, you will probably want to find the best possible 911 dispatch furniture on constrained funds. So are the high market prices justifiable?

The considerations for dispatch furniture

The scope of the facility furniture needs

The operations in a dispatch center, and any other command or control center for that matter, are hinged on a coherent and methodical flow of information. Efficient response time will depend on swift and precise relay of data from one point to another through various technologies such as VoIP, voice, and video. This means that the 911 dispatch furniture must make this process easy and must be designed as so.

Moreover, even though the ideal lifespan of dispatch furniture is about 7-10 years, you have to keep redundancy in mind. Tech is evolving at a fast pace, and in all environments, rapid response centers such as 911 dispatch centers must stay current. The room itself, on the other hand, the architectural layout, the floor, the ceiling must be capable of supporting these periodic changes and must be designed with this in mind from the get-go.

There are options to get a good deal for dispatch furniture, such as consolidation of the equipment vendors to one supplier. Even with this, however, the reality is that good-quality console furniture will cost more than a penny.

The quality needs of the furniture itself

A good dispatch chair, for example, needs to be a few notches higher than the ordinary office chair. The operator will spend a lot of time there, even up to 12 hours, and must be alert all through. They cannot achieve this on a chair that they have to squirm in or keep adjusting, which causes them neck and back pain.

Good 911 dispatch furniture must provide lumbar support and must be ergonomic to ensure proper posture. It must allow for adjustment because people are different, and they prefer different chair heights, armrest angles, and screen angles. The quality must be sturdy so that one purchase is durable and you are not forced to buy a new seat, say, every 3 years. 

All these factors will come together to mean one simple fact; If you want good 911 dispatch furniture, you must be willing to fork out a little more than the average office purchase would require.

How to get a good deal on dispatch furniture purchase

While the cost for 911 dispatch furniture is higher than the average office furniture, these hacks will help you stay within budget:

Opt for a creditable manufacturer that’s been in the game long enough. They will help you with the design, the installation, and the servicing of the equipment and furniture

Consider consolidation options that allow you to shift from multiple vendors to single-source suppliers. This will help you save time and money.

Consider used dispatch furniture that will be cheaper. Do not, however, compromise on the quality trying to save a few bucks.

A lot goes into purchasing dispatch furniture. The truth is, it is not a cheap affair, and thus, it must be carefully budgeted for. At the end of the day, nevertheless, remember that to get good quality equipment and furniture, you should be ready to go the extra mile.