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KAMADO BONO: New Kamado barbecue

New is a very much failed to remember old. Mud “kamado” type barbecues, which have vanquished the entire world as of late, recollect the historical backdrop of 3 thousand years! It was then that dirt baking utensils were found and found by archeologists on Chinese domain.

Over the long run, they changed, improved, and arrived at different grounds. Various choices showed up. In Japan, for instance, a little, charcoal-terminated mushikamado stove with a monstrous removable cover and valves for exact control of cooking temperature has become famous. In this stove, rice was steamed and different dishes were ready.

After World War II, the flexibility of “mushikamado” was valued by American soldiers positioned in Japan. In the wake of finishing their administration, they took the intriguing gadget home. In America, it became known as “kamado”. Deciphered from Japanese, this word implies oven or stove.

An agent of customary Oriental food in the Western world right away felt at ease. Because of the thick ceramic dividers, kamado holds its consistent hotness, making it ideal for setting up a wide assortment of dishes.

Kamado gives steaks, fish and vegetables a novel smoky fragrance. Because of the practically unaltered state of the vault throughout the long term, the air circles equitably inside, and the food prepares so rapidly that it quickly becomes covered the firm hull, leaving within delicate and succulent.

Kamado isn't apprehensive about heat by any means. By directing the wind current through the dampers, temperatures really high came to! In this way, you can heat Italian pizza or customary Lithuanian bread with kamado! Furthermore, this gadget likewise replaces the food smoker…

We can discuss Kamado barbecues for quite a while, yet we chose to see with our own eyes what they are prepared to do, and we attempted upwards of four unique sizes of KAMADO BONO models, which have as of late arrived at the TECHNORAMA stores.


How does KAMADO BONO function?

The KAMADO BONO barbecue is terminated with charcoal, which we put in the fire box at the lower part of the case. One serving of charcoal is enough for about a large portion of a day. At the point when the fire begins, the skillet warms up in under 15 minutes.

The underlying thermometer in the back cover permits you to screen the cooking temperature. It very well may be changed by controlling the progression of approaching and active air. The clay surface remaining parts adequately cool it isn't anxious about abrupt changes in temperature, doesn't break and doesn't lose its protecting properties. Likewise, it is extremely simple to clean.


Which barbecue to pick?

KAMADO BONO offers upwards of four unique sizes of kamado barbecues from 15 to 25 ″ in distance across. During the tests, we ensured that the exceptional artistic development guarantees totally similar cooking conditions and they don't rely upon the elements of the model. So you can pick the KAMADO BONO barbecue that best suits your necessities:


KAMADO BONO Minimo – 15″

      Conservative and simple barbecue that will turn into a reliable sidekick on nature trips! This is an extraordinary answer for the individuals who have a little patio and need to appreciate succulent steaks.


  • KAMAMO BONO Media – 20″

Plan tasty nourishment for the entire family or a gathering of companions with this barbecue we suggest it for the people who have their own yard or huge porch.



An additional an enormous barbecue worth picking assuming you regularly invest energy with a huge gathering of companions or colleagues.


  • KAMADO BONO Limited – 25″

This is the biggest KAMADO BONO model made for genuine experts! Incredible for bars, eateries and anyplace you really want to get ready suppers for huge gatherings.


Four methods for cooking

KAMADO BONO – an all inclusive container. It permits you to attempt different cooking strategies:


Direct baking

It is notable to all barbecue and grill proprietors. Direct baking is utilized frequently. The food is ready over an open fire, with the arrangement of well known dishes: burgers, kebabs or steaks. This strategy for cooking is sufficiently quick – it requires as long as 30 minutes, contingent upon the sort of dish.

During direct baking, the food rapidly cooks, becomes covered with a firm hull and holds the juice. Simmered food can be moved to a higher barbecue to keep it from consuming. This strategy for cooking can likewise be utilized to set up a steak embellish – simmered vegetables


Aberrant baking

It is a technique for preparing where food is arranged utilizing reflected hotness. It is suggestive of cooking in the stove. While utilizing circuitous cooking, KAMADO BONO barbecues should not be opened oftentimes. Meat or different dishes ought not be put on an immediate hotness source except if the temperature is extremely low and near the hotness reflected. The most straightforward method for shielding food from direct hotness is to utilize an extraordinary fired cushion – redirector as a choice.

Backhanded cooking is extraordinary for getting ready enormous bits of meat and keeps going from a couple to a few hours. During that time, it is equitably dispersed, and the turkey, sheep, or huge steak obtains the very temperature that merits controlling utilizing an electronic thermometer-test.


Food smoking

Each connoisseur knows and reveres the flavor of normally smoked food! With KAMADO BONO you can smoke fish, ham or even white curd cheddar without any problem. You won't observe such delights that will astonish your householders and visitors in any store!

Food smoking is just permitted outside. The method requires a couple of hours. Hardwood chips are utilized for smoking. Cover the ashes with a redirector to keep food from getting an immediate hotness. While utilizing the valves, you should change the temperature to 105-135 °C.


Baking in the broiler

With the level baking stone for KAMADO BONO, you can heat like in a genuine stove! The circular KAMADO hood works in the very same manner as the broiler vault, and the cooking temperature stays steady all through the cooking because of the fired dividers.

You can prepare and appreciate hand crafted pizza, bread or soft cakes. The baking stone structures a fresh outside layer that can't be made by baking food in a customary electric stove.


Valuable extras

KAMADO BONO offers barbecues, yet in addition extras for them, which further grow the potential outcomes of KAMADO. The extras are customized to explicit models, so you really want to pick them in light of the size of your barbecue:

  1. Multifunctional two-zone cooking framework. This added substance permits you to cook at various heights and temperatures simultaneously. You can cook your cherished dishes on immediate and roundabout hotness.
  2. Hardened steel upper grille. They save time by permitting you to cook a few enormous dishes immediately, spending the whole region of the grill. The grille is made of tempered steel.
  3. Level baking stone. This added substance transforms a KAMADO BONO barbecue into a genuine broiler. You can prepare pizza, bread, cake or flapjacks with it!
  4. Earthenware heat diverter. Shields food from direct hotness, so dishes are arranged utilizing heat reflected from the dividers. Extraordinary for getting ready enormous items, smoking meat and fish at low temperatures
  5. Project iron grilles for a multifunctional two-zone framework. Because of the thick metal, the baking surface stays hot longer. You can sear a wide range of dishes on it, like meat and vegetables.
  6. Hardened steel pincers. With them, you can undoubtedly place, eliminate and raise the KAMADO barbecue during cooking.
  7. Defensive barbecue cover. Secludes the barbecue from the adverse consequences of the climate


And All Other Service:-

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  2. Kamado bbq
  3. Kamado table
  4. Kamado grill table
  5. Kamado bbq table


More Information: – https://kamadobbqparadise.co.uk/

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