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The Karpman triangle is the most common model of relationships between people.

People manipulate, depend on each other, and get tired of it. There is very little happiness in such relationships. As well as the strength to make a difference. But there is a way out of this. To solve a problem, you must first understand it.
Two, three, and whole groups can spin in a triangle. But there are always three roles: the victim, the controller-dictator, and the savior. The participants in the triangle periodically change positions, but they are all manipulators and spoil life for themselves and their loved ones. Without such fight they could enjoy each lifestyle with Foot Fetish Porn and not bother anyone https://footjungle.com/category/foot-femdom/

Let's get to know these “beautiful people” better:


For the victim, life is suffering. Everyone is unfair to her; she gets tired and can not cope. She's embarrassed, she's scared, and she's sorry. She is envious. She lacks the strength, the time, and the desire to do something to improve her life. She is inert. She is afraid of life and expects only bad things from it.


The aggressor also sees life as an enemy and a source of problems. He is tense, irritable, angry, and afraid. He must remember past issues and constantly prophesies new troubles in the future. He controls and criticizes his neighbors, feels an unbearable burden of responsibility, and gets very tired of it. His energy is at zero.


He feels pity for the victim and anger for the controller. He considers himself head and shoulders above others and revels in realizing his mission. But he does not save anyone because no one has asked him about it. His need is an illusion, and the purpose of his actions and advice is self-affirmation and not help.
They are in constant “whack” with each other – the aggressor haunts the victim, builds it, forces and criticizes it.
The victim tries to suffer, gets tired, and complains. The lifeguard consoles, advises and offers ears and a vest for tears.
Participants periodically change roles. Such a melodrama can last for many years. People may not even realize that they are firmly stuck in a triangle.

Is it possible to get out of this mysterious triangle?

It is necessary to realize that a person needs only himself to fulfill their desires. You need to take your life into your own hands and act without regard for anyone. I agree. You may think: “It's easy to say, but life is not so simple…” It's simple, friends, it's simple. You can't even imagine how simple it is.






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