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As parents, it is your responsibility to keep your child safe and sound against everything be it in the real world or online and to be able to do that you should be well aware of all the latest happenings and trends so that you don’t miss out on any tips and tricks that might be helpful for you in parenting your child. 


Today, we will discuss 5 simple tips that will help you to keep your child safe and sound. These tips will not only help your child in the real world but also protect them against any online threat.


5 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe & Sound

  • Open Conversations: It is important that you have a good bond with your children. This not only helps in maintaining a healthy parent-child relationship but also requires less efforts from both sides. If you communicate with your child and they feel comfortable and safe sharing their views, ideas and thoughts with you without hesitation then there are high chances of them telling you about their day-to-day activities like where they go, who they hang out with, what they do online and so on. 


Make sure that you tell them what is good and what is bad for them both, in the real world as well as online as strangers, scammers and fake people exist in both scenarios. Another important thing is that they really understand and implement what you tell them so that they do not secretly do things and get themselves into trouble.

  • Basic Internet Safety: No child can ever be “I know it all” when it comes to staying and using technology. Technology is evolving and everyday new products, content, and people are joining the internet. But if you teach them about the basic internet safety then they can avoid any mishaps online. It is important to teach them early that they should keep their personal information personal and not randomly share it with others especially with strangers because you never know what they could do with it. 


Teaching your kids about internet safety is not only essential when you introduce them to smartphones and technology but it should be a continuous topic of discussion, as and when required because there are plenty of things adding up to the internet and the ratio of negative impact like scams, bullying and threats is higher as compared to the positive impact. 

  • Keep Track Of Your Child’s Activities: It is important that you know where your child is going, who their friends are and what they usually do when they are away from you with friends. Ask them about these things but not in a strict way, instead try to be gentle and make it a casual chat like how was your day? Who all joined you outside? Where did you go and what did you do with your friends? Such interactions make it light and require less effort to get your child sharing about what they are doing. 


Similarly, if your child has a phone and spends time online, ask them what they are up to, if they made any new friends and if yes then ask them about that friend like what’s their name, what do they do, where do they live, what are their interactions like and so on. This will give you an insight of how they usually spend their time outside home and online and accordingly, you can tell them if they need to stop something or if they need any boundations. 

  • Set Examples: Kids are quick learners, what they see is what they adapt and when it’s their parents and family, they pick their patterns even quicker. So make sure that you also practice what you preach. Whatever you do is what your kids will follow. If you want your kids to go out with their friends but return home timely then you also need to set some time limits on yourself. If you come home late then your kid will think that even if they come home timely, there is no one at home to bother so this will give them the freedom to come home when they want to and not when you expect them to be back. 


Likewise, if you are asking your kids to use their phones for a limited period of time but you yourself are on the device for long hours then you cannot expect them to leave their phones, especially in today’s time when we are living in the digital age where internet is not going offline anytime soon, in fact we can see how traditional activities are now moving online. 

  • Using Parental Control Apps: Despite having open communications, giving freedom, and setting examples, there could still be some space for your kids to hide things from you or maybe partially telling you what they are up to. But how to ensure that there is no scope of any suspicious activity is what should be your concern as a parent. Using a parental control app may help you with this concern. Phone spy apps are a great tool to monitor your child online and sometimes offline too with certain features that come along with these spy apps. Using a spy app can let you know what the kids are doing online, who they are chatting with, what information they are sharing with others. Also, it is important to know that these mobile spy apps are not only capable of spying on someone's social media activities but can do much more and for it you just need the right app that offers great features. 


A phone spy app like Onemonitar offers various features that let you track your child. The WhatsApp tracker lets you monitor your child’s chats, calls, and multimedia shared on the platform. This is a great feature as most of our time online goes in chatting with people on the messaging app. Besides this, you can also track their location and know their whereabouts with the GPS tracker that gives you real-time updates when they are away from you. There are more such features like hidden call recorder that lets you listen to the phone conversations of your child in high quality audio and you can even save the recordings for later to listen as well. All in all, spy apps are a great way out for an additional security of your loved ones. 


In The End

You can take these measures to ensure that your child is safe and sound in the real world and online as well. These measures are beneficial for you and your child to make an organized decision and using a hidden spy app for android can give you clarity on how your child is behaving online and also when they are away from you.


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