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Keep Your Meals at their Best with Sub-Zero Fridges

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At Rina (Electrical), explore a myriad of refrigerators in various sizes, styles, and configurations to find the appliances that best serve the needs and requirements of the culinary routine. More than simply a refrigerator, Sub-Zero is the expert in food and wine preservation, keeping food fresher for longer. Learn about the possibilities for your future kitchen with Sub-Zero Fridges. Whether you communicate with us in person or digitally, a skilled consultant will customise the visit to your specific requirements and assist you in imagining how your kitchen might taste, look, and feel.

 Refrigerators are expensive purchases. Making the best decision is crucial because these appliances will be used numerous times each day, every day for the next ten years. The alternatives keep coming—smart refrigerators, door-in-door refrigerators, water dispensers—but the most crucial choice is figuring out which kind of refrigerator is ideal for you. You're in luck since we've compiled a brief overview of the most popular refrigerator kinds and their advantages.

Top Freezer 

Top mount refrigerators are not only the most prevalent of all refrigerator models, but they may also be the most widely distributed of all kitchen appliances. When we envision a classic refrigerator, we picture one of these units with two full-swing doors, one for the fridge and the other for the top-freezer section. They feature a fairly simple design and come in a variety of colours and materials to match any kitchen's decor.

Bottom Freezer 

Many of the advantages of top-mount units are also present in bottom freezers, but with the freezer section turned around. For a device that is energy-efficient and works in almost every type of kitchen space, you can get similar low price points.


The freezer and refrigerator parts of these models will frequently be divided in half, while some alternatives offer a 70–30 split to accommodate larger fresh food sections at the penalty of a small frozen compartment. Wider things are tougher to fit because of this split, but smaller items can still fit in the units because the doors open with considerably less room needed than typical refrigerator doors.

Browse through all variants and types of refrigerators from Sub-Zero exclusively available at Rina (Electrical). Our Sub-Zero Fridges come in various models and designs to fit your requirements. You can also explore our range of Miele Oven in Singapore at the best price. 


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