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A power surge protector basically looks like a power strip that connects to an outlet and provides you with multiple ports for charging. The surge protectors are packed with advanced technology that helps you keep all your devices safe from a power surge. They are also known as surge suppressors.

Well, most people don’t think much about power surge protectors until they accidentally lose an expensive device. Most of the time, it is already too late when someone realizes that he needs a power surge protector. However, if you are here, it means you either have lost your device or don’t want to take the risk. Whatever the reason may be, here are some really amazing power surge protectors that will help you keep your devices safe. Let’s get started.

Kasa Smart

Kasa Smart offers you two power surge protectors, one with a three-outlet option and the other one with a six-outlet option; you can pick any of them based on your requirements. Both the power surge protectors look entirely identical and come with individually controlled outlets and status lights. They both feature compact plugs that work perfectly with other devices.

Belkin Standard

Belkin Standard is a little larger than the Kasa Smart surge protectors and comes with a total of eight outlets. Its stealthy gray finish gives it a fantastic look. It is flat and wide, so you won’t face any problem even if you use the bulkiest chargers. This surge protector is even equipped with a six-foot-long cable. Therefore you can place it anywhere you want.

Anker PowerExtend

Anker PowerExtend is an excellent power surge protector that features 12 outlets, and each outlet is capable enough to run home theatres or other heavy devices. The best thing about PowerExtend is that it boasts two power surge protectors with 4,000-Joule units for maximum resistance. It is an excellent power surge protector that you should buy. Anker even gives you a $300,000 warranty for your connected devices in case it fails.

Anker Standard

Well, the Anker PowerExtend is the best surge protector, but Anker offers other options as well. You can even buy three-port and six-port models. Both the power surge protectors feature two USB-A ports along with a USB-C port with 45W of charging speed. They are great for basic uses, and you should consider them for buying.

APC SurgeArrest

If you are looking for a surge protector with fantastic outlets, then APC SurgeArrest is going to be an excellent option for you. It boasts 11 outlets along with Coax inputs, DSL connections, as well as network ports. It is undoubtedly a fantastic option for small apartments because it can handle spikes of up to 3,020 Joules.

Belkin Rotating

Belkin Rotating is quite a unique power surge protector that lets you rotate each outlet so that you can get perfect positioning for connecting your devices. It features a total of six rotating outlets along with one fixed option and a built-in management system to clamp cables in the perfect place.

All the above-mentioned power surge protectors are really awesome, and you should buy one of them in order to protect your devices from a power surge.

Source: Keep Your Tech Safe with These Amazing Power Surge Protectors

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