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Keeping the high maintenance of your water tank

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To keep the high-quality tank clean and clear is a tough job to maintain. So, the clean water can  flow through your pipes and reach your kitchen and bathroom taps. It's a great investment in buying a high-quality tank. It depends on tank maintenance how many years it takes and stays last in extreme environments and temperatures. Regular maintenance of the tank keeps the tank healthy for a long time.


Water tank cleaning service is essential for your tank if you do just normal cleaning. Sometimes, you forget to clean the outside and there bacteria get started to build. 


Some maintenance tips for your water tank you should follow to keep it neat and clean.


Routine Checks

Check your tank once a month, so you make sure you don’t need cleaning service for it and you can do it by yourself but it is difficult when, when you move to a different city for work or fun for a few months, due to filled water starts to contaminate and start to build algae inside the tank and outside the water tank. Here, you can hire professional water tank cleaners for inspection and cleaning.

Check the quality of water, by ensuring that there’s entry of light or dust because all gaps and openings cover and tank seals perfectly. It should be quick, a little wind can make a way for debris. If there’s any leakage, repair it quickly to prevent long term damage that could be expensive.


Check for Sediments

Outside of your tank, there are chances that sediments may grow that lead to mosquito infestation and algae growth. If not taken care of, they can be harmful. Sediments settle at the bottom end up and fertile growth could be a part of the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Use bleach to kill the existing algae and prevent the growth of fresh ones. You can use an opaque tank because plants need photosynthesis to grow, it’ll be impossible for algae to grow in it. To maintain the water quality, so once a month cleans the tank.


Drain & Disinfect 

Drain the entire tank and disinfect the tank at least once a year. I recommend the summer would be the best for draining the tank because the sun does all the work. Keep it open in the sunlight after cleaning. After draining, scrub the wall and bottom of the tank using a mixture of bleach and water, so it could easily get rid of the stagnant sludge. Rinse it with high pressure water spray and if it’s not available then fill the bleach scrubbed tank with water and let it stand for a few hours. Drain it out, you can’t confirm that your water tank is decontaminated and rid of all microscopic germs. Use disinfectant liquid , pour some of it while filling the water tank and after waiting 30 minutes, drain all the water and rinse it before putting it back to use.




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