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Playtime with you is quite possibly the thing that your pet cat might miss the most whenever you are away for extended periods.  Nothing can take the place of quality time with your pet, but there are various commercially available toys can occupy your cat’s time whenever you are away so that she can keep herself entertained and active. 

There are classic playthings like catnip mice plushies, cardboard boxes, and bell toys.  However, if you are in the market for something new and exciting while you are gone, think about electronic interactive toys for cats.  These are playthings with moving parts, trying to keep your pet’s predatory instincts engaged.  They usually have settings to switch themselves on then off automatically at various times, keeping your cat on her toes as the day goes by. 

Automated laser toys can take your cat’s favorite colored laser dot and give it automated movement so that she will have something to chase around whenever you are out.  These automated toys are an ideal way to make sure that your pet gets her mental and physical exercise for the day even if you are not physically there playing with her.

Any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and/or behavior should be brought to the attention of your pet clinic Ellicott City, MD.



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