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Prior to the widespread usage of modern, synthetic shampoos, individuals used to wash and “shampoo” their hair with solely natural chemicals. One such traditional remedy that brings you straight into the heart of Ayurveda is the Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser. This foamy powder is created using a 150-year-old recipe that calls for a classic blend of 22 distinctive components. Keshamrit Powder has added antibacterial and antifungal characteristics that get rid of dandruff, lessen scalp itching, and take out extra oil. In addition to strengthening hair follicles, its essential proteins and low pH value softens hair.

This product has received a lot of positive feedback, making it the best-selling item in July 2022. It cools and exfoliates the scalp, reducing dandruff and dead skin cells. It is a monsoon specialty. After the first wash, our consumers reported a noticeable improvement in the how their hair felt, how light their scalp felt, and how itchy they were. This is not surprising considering that this powder feeds the scalp's medicinal Indic herbs, balancing the microbiome there.

What are its main benefits of

Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser

The major benefits of include Keshamrit in your regular haircare regimen are that it ends your dependence on chemical shampoos and entirely gets rid of dandruff. It does so because it is freshly prepared, created in small quantities, and uses high-quality ingredients. The Keshamrit Scalp Cleanser is also excellent for utilising as a herbal mask or for performing rituals like Shiro-Lepa. Together, these ingredients provide a potent treatment for dandruff because they are all revered and famous in Ayurveda for the health of the hair. It leaves a mild scent in the hair that makes the scalp feel comfortable and calms the senses.


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