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Being a school teacher has its perks. One of these is getting the inside scoop on what children are into.

When one of those parents told me was obtaining a Keurig single-serve coffee maker to get her school daughter, a light went off in my mind. It happened to me that students, both high school and college-age students, are consuming an increasing number of coffee. That certainly wasn't true previously.

When I was in school, not many pupils were drinking coffee. Now they are connoisseurs of this stuff. I must have taken note if our high school yearbook needed a coffee theme a couple of decades back. Children are showing up each morning with their Starbucks, Caribou, and Java Joe to-go cups clutched in one hand as they attempt to take the books in another hand.

We've experienced a Keurig single-serve coffee maker in the room behind the press centre. That is where I learned the advantages of this wonderful machine.

Yes, even the k-cups do price more than the coffee you create out of a bag of standard coffee bought at a supermarket. However, there isn't any contrast in coffee quality.

I purchase my preferred k-cups on the internet and save money there. However, they still cost more. But I can not place a cost on the taste. It's great… each moment.

My friend is telling me about the Keurig coffee maker her kid has at school. The woman was telling her mother how wonderful the system is since they do not have a kitchen in school. There's not any cleanup, no clutter, and they're able to brew one cup and then take off for course without return.

This truly works for your kids since they're on a little bit of a tighter budget while in college. They used to cover 3-4 dollars because of their morning”Joe” while at high school. Now they're saving money by brewing their own. It's a win-win set up for pupils and parents. The students are receiving their coffee, and the parents are saving $100 or more every month.

As a parent, you may even place a Keurig single-serve coffee maker bug in Grandma's ear. The grandparents are constantly looking for help out or purchase things for their grandchildren, which would give them a”fashion status” from the opinion of their grandkids.

What is in your counter? You truly don't need to be a school student to enjoy a more Keurig single-serve coffee maker.

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