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Programming and development have come a long way and have been able to evolve themselves and transform themselves into something new and unimaginable for the benefit of users. This goes for every Technology as well where the development and coding is new and improved and provides various features and functions that help developers and programmers provide a good amount of value to users. when you compare the different Technologies it is inevitable that sum Technologies are far greater providing much amount of benefits then the other.

 In this article, we will compare and contrast the benefits and features provided by such Technology which has made app development pretty easy and efficient. this technology is chest which is owned and developed by Apple for the development of apps for the Apple ecosystem of devices and gadgets. This technology has been able to prove itself and aid the development process for different apps that can be executed on this platform. 

Apple has from the ground up developed this technology to be able to provide a huge number of benefits to customers and Consumers using various Apple devices. They can have a seamless experience when using apps developed by the swift language and platform which enables and provides a seamless User experience.

 Here are all the benefits of using Swift for iOS app development:

Huge Open source community

Swift has been designed from the ground up to be an open-source language which means that any Apple developer can use this language to develop apps for the Apple ecosystem. The only criteria being that you need to register yourself on the Apple ecosystem to develop apps as well as publish your apps to the App Store. Open-source community of Swift is vibrant and never gives any incentive to help the community and help budding developers and programmers develop apps and fix your problems that they face during app development.

Easy code readability

Swift has enabled developers and programmers has enabled developers and programmers to enable easy code readability and reusability for code. This provides developers and programmers to easily manage the code, as well as the programmer, is able to easily read the code and make out what the code performs to do. This ability is important as it enables developers to easily maintain the code even though they are not aware about the complex features and functions that the code performs. Code written by different programmers can be read and understood by different programmers pretty usually due to this nature.

Easy Code Maintenance

As swift promotes reusability, and efficiency, the code developed by Swift programmers 

can be easily maintained and upgraded by different Swift programmers easily. The code written is easily readable by peer programmers and colleagues, the code from easy reusability and maintenance that the developer can perform on the code. Application maintenance becomes an easy task for programmers and developers who have used Swift language to develop the code.

Speedy App Development

Due to the various features and functions that Swift provides, it becomes easy for developers and designers to quickly enable fast-paced development and designing. This enables developers to reduce their coding efforts by up to 40% which increases your productivity and deficiency for coding applications using the swift framework and language. Programmers and developers are able to speed up the development efforts and come up with the minimum viable product in the least amount of time possible which has thinned the marketing efforts and the promotion of apps. Organizations and companies are able to quicken and their process of app development when they use the swift language.

Compatible with Objective C

Swift has been designed from the ground up to be able to ensure backward compatibility with objective C. Objective-c was the prior language that was used to develop apps for the Apple ecosystem. This compatibility ensures that the program is written in objective C are able to fully embrace and use the swift language features and functions pretty easily and efficiently. Existing code can easily be upgraded and features and functions added to it using the source language. This compatibility is essential to maintain Legacy applications that are designed and developed using objective C which has now become an excellent language and has been replaced by the newer Swift language

Less Error-prone for developers

Swift language has been designed from the ground up, to be less error-prone for developers and designers using this particular language. Developers and designers are able to coexist and provide features and functionalities into the applications without the worry of causing the code to break or any kind of error happening in the code. The error handling capacity of Swift language is robust and rugged which helps developers minimize errors related to coding and thus ensures a seamless development experience for developers and programmers.

Supported by Multiple devices

Swift is supported by major operating systems, which enables developers and designers to design apps for the Apple ecosystem using any platform that they like. This platform is able to support major operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows as well. Developers and programmers are able to utilize the features and functions offered by this programming language in a seamless manner that help them create new and innovative apps.

Support by dynamic libraries

Multiple tools are present which can be used for the swift language to enable out-of-the-box features and functions that developers can use. Developers and programmers are free to use the libraries and plugins available for Swift language which extends the features and functionality for them.

Improved Performance

Swift provides improved performance for developers and programmers compared to its predecessor which is objective C. The language is able to minimize errors and produce robust code that promotes app development and enables a seamless experience for the users. app development has never been so easy and seamless. Swift has been able to truly improvise and benefit the Apple ecosystem with its new features and functions, and push the limitless boundaries even further when it comes to app development on the Apple platform.


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