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Key Concepts and Techniques Covered in a Manual Handling and Patient Moving Course

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The manual handling and patient moving course is designed to teach professionals working in the healthcare industry the required knowledge and skills required for safely moving and handling patients. Do you own a healthcare organization? Do you think whether you should enroll your employees to take up this course? If your answer is affirmative to these questions, you will have to understand the techniques that trainees can learn from this course:

Assessing Risk:

Be it patient moving and handling course online or offline, one of the key concepts covered is the importance of assessing the risk involved. The healthcare workers in your hospital should be in a position to spot potential hazards associated with handling and moving patients. For this purpose, the course will teach participants everything right from understanding the condition of the patient to evaluating the atmosphere to make sure that it is safe for both patients and healthcare workers to move.

Body Mechanics:

Appropriate body mechanics is yet another thing that participants will learn from the patient manual handling course Dublin. Your employees should know how to use their bodies rightly so that they can prevent injuries. Also, they should know how to provide the best care possible to their patients. This encompasses the use of assistive devices, lifting techniques and appropriate posture.


You know that when more than one of your employees engages in moving and handling the same patients, there should be proper communication between them. So, the Patient handling course Dublin will teach how to make concise verbal communication and hand signals. They will learn the importance of teamwork when handling patients.


The right manual handling and patient moving course will introduce trainees to the different equipment used in patient care. They can be anything like transfer boards, slings and hoists to name a few. Your healthcare employees should be aware of available equipment and also how to use them to provide safe patient care. They will also learn how to check the equipment for defects so that the risk of injury to patients and themselves can be avoided.

Patient Care:

A good patient moving and handling course online will teach your employees about the importance of providing proper care to patients. Indeed, as they are into healthcare, they know its importance. Further emphasis will be given to factors like maintaining the dignity of patients and providing them comfort and support when they are moved from one place to another.

So, these are certain things you can expect your healthcare workers to learn from the Patient Manual Handling course Dublin. You will very well accept the importance of this course for the safety of both your patients and your employees.


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