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Fire has always been a life-threatening risk in commercial spaces that can result in a disastrous turn. Even a small fire can massively escalate and lead to catastrophic aftermaths. Hence, it’s a requisite for every business owner to consider the risks associated with a fire outbreak. As fire can occur at any point in time, it’s always necessary to implement a high-end and robust fire alarm system. 

Different types of devices work as an integrated network to offer extensive protection against fire in commercial buildings. Though you can find multiple brands offering different types of devices, it’s always ideal to purchase products that have already received positive reviews. Buying the Notifier fire alarm parts can undoubtedly help you safeguard your employees, stock, and property against fire as these devices feature a range of advanced specifications. 

Firstly, it’s important to conduct a detailed fire risk assessment. And a series of steps must be followed to carry out this process, which includes:

  • Identifying the potential risks: It's important to identify all the things or situations that can start a fire. 
  • Identifying the people at risk: Take the needful steps for people who are at greater risk of fire (such as elderly and disabled people as they can feel more vulnerable). 
  • Mitigating the risks: Once you’ve identified the potential hazards and people that are more prone to risks, it’s time for you to evaluate, minimize, or eliminate the potential risks. 
  • Keeping a record: Next, you should prepare a detailed record of the outcomes, develop an emergency plan, and offer comprehensive training on fire safety. 
  • Reviewing: There must be a continual review process to assess the potential risks, and the findings should be updated and recorded accordingly. 

Before buying fire alarm devices, you should consider a few important factors which are discussed below. 

Coverage area

To install a fool-proof fire alarm system, you need to take the correct measurements of all the rooms and hallways. Make sure to install the fire detection systems at equal intervals while considering the dimensions and a number of total floors. 

A customized fire alarm system is usually recommended for large buildings of commercial use as it can deploy multiple circuit boards which are linked to different components in separate locations. 

Place of use

Commercial and industrial buildings mostly require a full-fledged and complex fire alarm system, including pull stations, sprinkler systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm panels, fire alarm bells, extinguishers, and more. It’s also important to ensure that the system can also detect different types of potential fire starters, such as electricity, chemicals, faulty machinery and flammable agents. It’s more beneficial if the system also comprises a fire suppression system as it will help reduce the chances and extent of structural damage caused to the property.  

Government regulations and codes

Before installing a fire alarm system in your commercial space, it’s important to learn about the specific standards and legal regulations. It’s the responsibility of the building owner to fulfill the requirements properly. Make sure to choose a renowned supplier and installer who is highly knowledgeable and aware of the provincial regulations so that he can install the system properly while abiding by the legal provisions. 

Wrapping up

The points discussed above are what you should always remember while planning and implementing a fire safety infrastructure in your workplace. It will help you have a clear idea about the requirements and choose the appropriate fire alarm devices. If you’re looking for a high-performing booster power supply, you must consider buying the Edwards 3-BPS/M because of its advanced features. 

Fire Alarm Depot is a leading supplier of new and refurbished fire alarm parts manufactured by some of the top-leading brands, including Notifier, Edwards, Simplex, Siemens, Mircom, System Sensor, and more. Check their website for more information. 


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