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Some differences between braces and Invisalign are obvious. The old-school metal braces are less of a hassle because they’re semi-permanently attached. You don’t have to remove them every time you eat. They’re also more visible. Depending on your preferences and your needs, one of these two might be a better fit. As you evaluate your options, speak with an Invisalign doctor to get the full pitch. Whether it’s for you or your teenager, there are many situations in which Invisalign clear aligners could be the better choice. Here’s an overview of the key differences between braces and Invisalign.

Length of Procedure

Now that you’ve found the best Invisalign doctor in your area, you want to understand how long this process will be. Invisalign clear aligners require a lesser time commitment, simply because you need to visit the dentist less often. With metal braces, you’ll need to visit more frequently. Your dentist will need to adjust the wires and brackets and keep an eye on the hardware involved. If you want a less time-consuming process, then you should go with Invisalign clear aligners instead of metal braces.


The key difference here is that metal braces are stuck to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. You can easily eat and drink although you might need to be extra careful about getting food stuck. With Invisalign, you get several trays that need to come out whenever you eat. This can be inconvenient for high schoolers who don’t want to take anything out of their mouth in front of their friends in the lunchroom.


Metal braces will cost you around $3000 to $8000. Your final price will depend on how complicated your treatment plan was. On the other hand, your Invisalign doctor can probably offer you a lower price. You can request a custom quote but generally, the plastic trays cost less than the metal hardware.


Not everyone cares about how their smile looks, but for some people it’s a big concern. For instance, many teens are adamantly opposed to getting metal braces. They are impossible to hide and can even inspire bullying. Adults experience the same problem, where metal braces affect their confidence at work and in their personal lives. Invisalign clear aligners are definitely the most universally attractive option for teeth straighteners. They are much more subtle than metal braces and can be removed if necessary. Others might notice a slight difference in your speaking when the trays are in, but no one can tell from a distance that you’re wearing them.



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