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Rustic style in a kitchen has become a popular style for its old charm look. If you crave for a natural look of the outside and want a space that embraces earthy colors, solid wood furniture, cozy ambiance, unexpected rugged touches like rough-hewn wood beams or stone wall, the rustic style might be the ideal design style for your kitchen. Read further to learn some of the obvious key elements of rustic style kitchens.

What is a rustic style kitchen?

Rustic style kitchens are warm and beautiful with a refined look. Natural wood and time-worn accents are the hallmarks of it. It expresses simplicity and evokes a century-old charm. Rustic style kitchen is mainly influenced by wood interiors, rough-hewn finishes, and nature-inspired elements. Depending on the elements you use, rustic kitchens can be earthy, cozy, organic, or warm. Rustic kitchens are perfect for people who love the beauty of the outside nature.

Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Rustic style is much more versatile when it comes to colors. Generally, the rustic color palette includes colors that give a warm feeling and earthy aesthetic. The color used in a wall is usually white as it allows the wooden floor and furniture to stand out. Use earthy hues on the floor and striking colors on a counter base, or cabinet.

Colors for rustic kitchens

Neutral hue– Grey, Soil, Clay, Off-white, Stone, Ivory

Earth tone– Brown, Terracotta, Beige

Striking color– Barn red, Cactus green, Pale yellow, Adobe orange, Deep blue, Turquoise, Cinnamon

The Key Element: Wood

Wood plays a predominant role in a rustic style kitchen since it reflects the simplicity of outdoor nature. Plank hardwood floors, salvaged ceiling beams, blonde wood cabinetry, and countertop are great options for emulating a rustic feel. It also favors light wood such as pine, oak, beech, or cherry in wall and furniture.

Solid Furniture

Furniture like a dining set, buffet, etc. used in a rustic style kitchen is normally made of raw wood and reclaimed lumber to create an earthy look. However, leather furniture is another preferred choice to embellish the look of this style. Unlike traditional style furniture, a piece of rustic style furniture has no big patterns. Instead, it has distinct rough finishes and old charm on it.

The Key Element: Cozy Fireplace

Since this style invokes a sense of warmth, an element of fire is a must in a kitchen designed in a rustic style. A cozy fireplace not only makes the right statement but also creates an attractive focal point. Generally, slate or stone fireplace hearth has become a design element in this style.

Design Detail: Deep Sinks

The rustic style kitchen is incomplete without the installation of a farmhouse-style sink which is made of fireclay. However, soapstone, iron, granite, copper can also give rustic flair. As shown in this image, a deep farmhouse sink with a sleek brown arc faucet won’t look out of place when considering rustic style.

Oversize Lighting

Lighting is the main focus of rustic kitchens. Unlike halogen lamps which reflect the contemporary style, rustic style kitchen feature lighting that is large to give a touch of glamor. Oversized light fixtures such as lanterns, pendant, chandelier, wall sconces can all flawlessly complement rustic schemes. Go with lighting made from rich materials like driftwood, wrought iron, or verdigrised copper.

Texture Materials

Rustic style kitchen decor is not limited to warm wooden floors and walls, it also allows the addition of textures. Other than wood, materials like a smooth stone, brick, or granite are nice alternatives for a rustic kitchen design. They introduce a new texture in a backsplash, countertop, fireplace hearth, or floor.

Finishing Touches

Update the classic rustic kitchen's look by adding thoughtful finishing touches. Think of weave or jute rugs and lamps in punched-tin shades. The stone statue, mirror with distressed wood frame, bar stool with cast iron base can also do the trick in rustic-inspired kitchens.

Design Detail: Plank Floating Shelve

Just like built-in storage is a popular choice in the modern kitchen, open shelves add undeniable appeal to the rustic kitchen. Instead of using shelves with visible brackets, choose floating shelves made of wood. Floating shelves are functional as they keep everyday cooking essentials easy at hand while also enhancing the rustic look in the kitchen.

At Last…

Whether you want to do a renovation with the help of a kitchen interior expert or try to give your kitchen a new style in your way, having prior knowledge of your preferred design style is a must. You can give your kitchen a new look without renovating it. After reading this article, you will be able to know the concept of rustic style kitchen and its key elements like color palettes, furniture, and accessories.


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