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When it comes to choosing the right pyp kote wrapping tape, the major property that contractors consider is its shelf life. 

Shelf life is basically the time span of material during which it remains fit for application. In order to meet the shelf life of materials, manufacturers lay down minimum environmental conditions in which it should be stored or kept. In the case of pipe wrapping tapes, these conditions include the following:

  • High-temperature unit
  • Away from direct sunlight
  • Protection from physical damage during handling and stacking.

Although there is no fixed service life of a corrosion protection material due to several changes in the environment, there are still some significant factors that affect the shelf life of the pipe wrapping tape. Let us see what these are.

Key Factors That Affect The Shelf Life Of A Pipe Wrapping Tape 

Ambient Temperature

The ambient temperature is the most important factor that affects the shelf life of the anti-corrosion wrapping tape. In general, these tapes are designed to be installed at temperatures up to fifty degrees Celsius and operated in temperatures around eighty degrees. But most manufacturers suggest thirty degrees to be the storage temperature.

This is because these tapes have contact-based adhesives, designed to get hardened on being adhered/contacted. The adhesive mix consists of multiple volatile additives on which the tapes depend. These additives can be reduced to the environment if the tapes are stored in upper (or above thirty degrees) storage temperatures for a prolonged period. 


The second most significant factor is humidity, which can affect the package’s integrity and make it lose its strength. This is why manufacturers suggest that these should be stored in environments allowing air to pass through.

Final Thoughts

By keeping the above factors in mind, one can prevent pipe wrapping tapes from being damaged and help increase their shelf life. At IWL India we also guide contractors and buyers about the storage and handling of anti-corrosion tapes, sealants, cementitious waterproofing solutions, and other materials. Get in touch for elaborated assistance.  



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