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Key Factors to Estimate the Cost of a TRON Smart Contract Development Project

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TRON is one of the most popular Blockchain platforms that is making headlines these days. It has garnered the eyeballs of various crypto users just like Ethereum and other Blockchain platforms available in the market.

In the current scenario, TRON is used by various crypto giants for performing a myriad of operations such as token development, wallet development, marketplace development, dApps development, etc.

From scalability to EVM compatibility to high-throughput rate, there are countless reasons why cruptopreneurs are choosing TRON over other Blockchain platforms for smart contract development.

However, it’s very challenging for businesses to make an early estimate of the total cost involved in a TRON smart contract development project. This blog unveils some noteworthy factors that can help businesses calculate the estimated cost even before the start of the project.

Factors to Estimate The Cost of a TRON Smart Contract Development Project

The TRON smart contract development cost will depend on the following scenarios:

The Estimated Cost Charged by TRON

The estimated cost charge by TRON will depend on factors such as the size of the contract and contract creation & storage.

Size of the Contract

The size of your contract will play a significant role in deciding the estimated smart contract development cost. It could be a small-sized, medium-sized, or large-sized contract depending on your requirements. For instance, the perfect example of a small-sized contract could be a Fibonacci contract. On the other hand, modified crypto zombie contracts like zombiefactory and zombieownership are examples of medium-sized and large-sized contracts respectively. The bigger the size of your contract the higher the price will be.

Creation and Contract Storage

TRON charges some gas fees depending on the size of the contract. Be it transferring NFTs or deploying smart contracts, every operation that involves data modification on TRON requires gas. The gas price will always be calculated considering the complexity of the new operation. For example, the price would vary for a “create” operation and an “execute” operation. In addition to that, TRON will also charge for the storage of the smart contracts.

The Estimated Cost Charged by a TRON Smart Contract Software Development Company

A smart contract development firm may charge for TRON smart contract development considering the below-listed factors:

Location of the Agency

The estimated cost charged by a smart contract development company fluctuates from country to country. For instance, a US-based company will charge as per pricing standards followed in the US whereas a UK-based company will charge as per the availability of resources and pricing standards being followed in the UK. So the location of the firm is one of the crucial factors that contribute to the TRON smart contract development cost.

Size of the Team

Whether you hire freelance smart contract developers or an agency, the number of people involved in the TRON smart contract development process will be another deciding factor for estimated cost. The price may vary based on the involvement of specialists such as programmers, project managers, business analysts, quality analysts, UI/UX designers, and many more.

Technology Stack

The TRON smart contract software development experts may use tools and technologies such as TRON studio, TRON grid, TRON station, TRON web, and TRON box during the smart contract development process. In addition to tools offered by TRON, the subscription prices of some third-party tools available on the internet can increase your smart contract development cost.

Project Maintenance and Post-Launch Services

From Trello to JIRA, a smart contract development company may use numerous project management tools during the deployment process. Moreover, you may also encounter some issues with your product after its official launch in the market. To handle all such obstacles conveniently, an agency may charge for the post-launch and maintenance services on a timely basis.


Whether it’s TRON or Ethereum the smart contract development and deployment on any Blockchain platform carries development costs including resource expenditure. When compared to Ethereum and other similar platforms, developing smart contracts on the TRON is less expensive.

Albeit, we have discussed the estimated cost and some crucial factors businesses must consider for TRON smart contract development cost, beginners may find it time-consuming and challenging to calculate the accurate amount. In such a case, the consultation could be sought from experts at a trusted TRON smart contract software development company like Antier.

Antier is a reliable smart contract development company with over a decade long experience in the crypto industry. The company holds a proven track record of developing and deploying smart contracts on multiple Blockchain platforms. Since its inception, Antier has served numerous clients from diverse industry verticals with their TRON smart contract software development needs. The company develops powerful smart contract applications for businesses of all sizes utilizing the benefits offered by TRON.


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