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Key Features to Look for in a High Risk Payment Gateway for Woocommerce

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The payment gateway is the most important component of a payment system. It determines if the merchant gets paid, and how much they get paid. In this blog, we will discuss some of the key features to look for in a High Risk Payment Gateway for Woocommerce.

PCI compliance

PCI compliance is a set of requirements that merchants must meet to prevent credit card data from being stolen by hackers. If you're storing credit card information in your WooCommerce store and processing payments online, then it's important that you have a PCI compliant payment gateway.
The reason why high risk payment gateways are necessary for Woocommerce sites is because they offer extra security measures over standard ones that don't require the same level of compliance standards. These include:
  • SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layer) encryption which prevents hackers from accessing sensitive data during transmission between users' computers and your website's server;
  • Strict rules about what information can be stored on servers; this includes things like ID numbers for each customer account so no one else can access them;
  • Regular penetration testing on all systems used by the gateway provider; this helps them identify potential vulnerabilities before they become real problems down the road

Multi-currency support

Multi-currency support:
A high risk payment gateway for Woocommerce must be able to process multiple currencies, as well as provide you with the option to configure the currency that your customers will see. This is important because it allows you to offer them a more flexible pricing structure and avoid any potential fraud issues.
Flexible pricing structure: You should also look for a gateway that allows you to set up custom rates based on individual countries or regions, so that you don't have to pay higher fees than necessary when selling products outside of your home country. Fraud and dispute management: Finally, make sure that any payment processor has fraud protection built into their platform so they can help mitigate potential losses due to chargebacks or disputed transactions (which often happen when customers try selling counterfeit products).

Flexible pricing structure

  • Flexible pricing structure. Your high risk payment gateway should offer a flexible pricing structure, so that you can choose the right plan for your business.
  • Volume-based pricing. Some high risk payment gateways will charge based on the number of transactions processed by your store, while others may charge based on the total value of those transactions. Either way, it's important to determine whether or not they offer volume discounts–and if so, how much they're worth (i.e., how much does each additional transaction cost?)?
  • Transaction type-based pricing.. In addition to volume and value-based fees, some services charge based on what types of payments are being processed by their customers' websites–for example: card-present vs card-not present; domestic vs international; ecommerce vs mcommerce (mobile commerce). You'll want to make sure any provider you choose offers competitive rates in all these categories before making any decisions about which service works best for your needs!

Fraud and dispute management

Fraud and dispute management is a very important feature to look for in a high risk payment gateway. Fraud and dispute management helps you to avoid fraud, which is something that can have a huge negative impact on your business.
Dispute management also helps with avoiding disputes with your customers, which is another very important aspect of running an online store.

High Risk Payment Gateway for Woocommerce

When it comes to choosing a High Risk Payment Gateway for Woocommerce, there are a few key features you should look for. Firstly, you want to make sure your provider is PCI compliant and can handle all the security requirements for your business.
Secondly, multi-currency support is essential if you're selling internationally or even just in multiple currencies within one country (like India).
Thirdly, flexible pricing structures allow merchants to choose their own transaction fees based on the type of sale being made and how much risk they want to take on as far as fraud prevention goes. This allows merchants who sell low-cost products or services with low profit margins more flexibility than those who sell luxury items with high profit margins but increased risk of fraudulent purchases because they're worth so much more money!


Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into the world of high risk payment gateways. If you're still unsure which one is right for your business, we recommend reaching out to our team and asking them any questions that remain unanswered. We can help guide you through the process of finding a payment gateway that fits all of your needs – whether it's one of those listed above or not!
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