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Key perks of policy governance

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This article is dedicated to helping you understand some of the fantastic features of policy governance. This article is a deep dive into the concept and how it can change the way we are operating in organizations and in our office scenarios. This article is all about better understanding the many facets of policy governance. This is going to help you make an informed decision in the end. If you are looking for CEO evaluation, and for alternative futures, consider Governance Coach.

It allows the staffers and the CEO of the organization to do their job the way they want to. This allows them to be more creative and work freely, which is going to ensure better and more pronounced outcomes at the end of the day. Usually, the CEO/staff chalk out plans and take decisions which are then presented in front of the board. The board is there for the approval of the project or the decision or the plan. However, what we have come to notice is that directions which come from the board are often ambiguous and contradictory; in some cases, they may be incomplete and incongruous, despite the fact that they may be well-intended or that they have nothing but the best for the company or the organization. But that does not undo the ambiguity and the shortcomings in the direction that comes from the board and this makes the task somewhat challenging if not impossible.

Unfortunately, this often leads to a lot of confusion and the staff is often unable to distinguish between what is given as advice and what is directed as a suggestion, and what is to be held as a direction for which their actions will be held accountable. So, what we witness is a case of classic mismatch between what is intended and the outcome of it. There is a gap in communication as well and this is a major gap (in many organizations), which can be bridged with the help of policy governance. If a board is using policy governance, it creates complete, clear and quantifiable, and understandable criteria for making plans, devising agendas for the company, and planning some action. And this gives the CEO and the staff the freedom to make use of these criteria and work around them to come up with solutions that the board approves. So, the board is able to bridge the gap, and as a result of this CEO/Staff gets to make use of their potential to the fullest extent without the fear of any backlash or rejection. This allows them to work within the framework but work independently. This gives them a clear direction.

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