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It is an accepted fact that lymphedema is an  Pandemic Survival Review incurable condition. However, there are various therapies that can help the patient to manage the ailment and lymphoedema surgery is one of them. Surgical treatment may be beneficial to some lymphedema patients. Surgical procedure either meant stripping subcutaneous areas filled with fluids or creating a channel between the lymphatic system and venous system to help drain excess fluids.

With an aim to drain the accumulated fluids, micro-vascular surgery is performed to connect the lymphatic system to the venous system. By itself, the concept may be sound, but in actuality, the procedure is a difficult one, with no guarantee that it will work for the concerned patient. Besides, performing an invasive surgery such as this may complicate matters further. Lymphedema patients, even otherwise, have several other health related troubles that they have to deal with regularly.

Some of the latest developments include procedures that try to find a way around the lymphatic system to remove the excess lymph fluid. It is known as the lymphaticovenular bypass and is a surgical procedure done under general anesthesia. This surgical procedure may take up to four hours, but the patient might be released from hospital within 24 hours. The surgery involves making small cuts in the affected limb using surgical tools in order to direct the fluids toward the veins. This promotes drainage and reduces the swelling.

Individuals showing symptoms of leg or arm lymphedema may find lymphaticovenular bypass useful in controlling the condition. However, it may prove beneficial only to some patients, particularly those who haven't had the problem for a long period. Each person's response to the lymphoedema surgery is also different and there may or may not be an improvement. Even if there is a positive response, the patient is advised to continue the combined therapy of bandaging, wearing compression garments, exercise and skin care. This may be recommenced four weeks after surgery.



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