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Kim Seo-young, Confirmed the Virtuous Cycle of Korean Swimming

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Kim Seo-young “Confirmed the virtuous cycle of Korean swimming at Hangzhou AG”… Appreciation plaque for the federation


“Korea used to focus only on participation, but now has higher goals, including an Olympic medal and a World Championship final.”

‘Captain' Kim Seo-young (Gyeongbuk Provincial Office) took the microphone at a ceremony to congratulate the Korean swimming team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which achieved the best performance in the Asian Games in history. 카지노사이트

Next, President Chang-hoon Jeong of the Korea Swimming Federation, who had only given awards, came on stage as the ‘appreciation plaque winner'.

The Korean swimming team members smiled with pride, and President Chung Chang-hoon and the federation executives were filled with emotion.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games prize award ceremony held at the Olympic Parktel in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 24th, athletes appeared as winners and presenters.

At the end of the prize award ceremony, the host announced, “Right before the event started, Kim Seo-young came and asked, ‘Give the players time at the end.'”

Kim Seo-young took the microphone and said, “The players prepared the plaques for the executives and staff of the Korea Swimming Federation.

“I did,” he said.

Next, Chairman Chang-Hoon Jeong, Vice Chairman Seong-Bok Lee, and Secretary General Seung-Hoon Kim were named as ‘appreciation plaque recipients.’

The players expressed their gratitude with applause.

Chairman Chang-Hoon Jeong said, “I have received several awards and appreciation plaques, but the one I received now is the best.”

Kim Seo-young, whom we met after the awards ceremony, said, “It was not just one or two people, but the idea of ​​all of our swimming team.”

He added, “The federation officials supported us behind the scenes and supported the athletes with one mind until late at night throughout the competition.

Thanks to that , “We achieved good results,” he said, explaining the background to preparing the ‘surprise awards ceremony’.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which closed on the 8th, Korean swimming management collected a whopping 22 medals (6 gold, 6 silver, and 10 bronze).

There were more gold medals and medals than the 2010 Guangzhou Games (4 gold, 3 silver, and 6 bronze), which was previously remembered as the competition in which Korean swimming management achieved the best results in the Asian Games.

Additionally, new Korean records were set in 14 events.

In diving, he won 6 medals (2 silver, 4 bronze), the most in a single Asian Games, surpassing the 2018 Jakarta/Palembang (2 silver, 3 bronze) and 2014 Incheon (1 silver, 4 bronze) competitions. Succeeded in winning the most medals in a single Asian Games.

He also won a bronze medal in open water swimming (marathon swimming).

Federation officials said, “This is an achievement achieved by players and leaders,” and the players responded, “We are grateful to those who supported us behind the scenes.”

Kim Seo-young also won four medals (1 silver, 3 bronze), including 3rd place in the women's 200m individual medley, 2nd place in the 400m medley relay, and 3rd place in the 800m women's relay and 400m mixed medley relay, and set three new Korean records (women's 400m medley relay, 3rd place).

They participated in the 800m relay and 400m mixed medley relay and received a total of 3,738,300 won in prize money.

Kim Seo-young said, “There was a difficult process after the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Games (where I won one gold medal and one silver medal).

I am glad that I finished my last Asian Games well,” and added, “It is a moment of encouragement after finishing the Hangzhou Asian Games well.”

“I have pictured this in my head.

I feel relieved.

I think this is the process of ending my career as a player well,” he said.

Kim Seo-young, who served as captain of the Korean swimming team and encouraged her juniors, said she confirmed the virtuous cycle of Korean swimming through the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Seo-young said, “In the past, Korean swimming was focused on participating in international competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships.

Now, our juniors set high goals such as Olympic medals and advancing to the World Championships finals.”

He added, “If one athlete (such as Hwang Seon-woo) does well, they say, ‘I can do it too.'”

“There is an atmosphere of motivation that says, ‘I can do it.’

So, I get good results, gain confidence, and aim for even better results,” he said.

Looking back on the recent history of Korean swimming management, there was Kim Seo-young between Park Tae-hwan and Hwang Sun-woo.

Seoyoung Kim stood at the starting line for the 200m individual medley final at the World Aquatics Championships for three consecutive times, starting with the 2017 Budapest Games, the 2019 Gwangju Games, and the 2022 Budapest Games.

It is a record that no one has achieved in Korean swimming management.

At the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, he won the 200m individual medley and saved Korean swimming from the no-gold crisis.

Kim Seo-young recalled, “Young players took a big leap forward at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

I wanted to help my juniors even a little, so I talked about my experiences.”

Although he spoke humbly, his juniors gained great strength from Kim Seo-young's advice and achieved the best performance in Asian Games history.



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