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Why do we care? Why do we think about what others fear?

It's human nature; you only feel when you care. One small act of kindness can rearrange you because hope is all it takes to make the change. You may sometimes fail to understand that the little things matter. Even a small act can make others feel happy. So why do you always have to bring others down?  

The ‘me, myself, and I' kind of thought won't always take you through life. You must be a helping hand to people and bridge the gaps through kindness. Interestingly, the true depiction of kindness is best portrayed in Barb Stocklin's story, “Bif's Gift.”

Bif's Gift is a short story about two characters, a bear and a skunk. The two have a rough encounter at first, but things eventually transition as one character possesses a kind nature. Now that is all that matters. Kindness can come to anybody and everybody. It is not a challenging attribute to adopt. Hence, you can try it too. If you still can't grasp whatever we are talking about, then you must hop onto Barb Stocklin's website and get your hands on the perfect book on kindness, “Bif'S Gift.”

In his story, Barb recognizes the importance of kindness and pens it down beautifully. With simple characters and an interesting storyline, you can definitely refresh the basics of being kind to others. There are always two pathways to walk on. If you want happiness to persist for longer, kindness is key. The art of giving through your actions speaks volumes about your personality. If you want to reflect on your true self, then kindness can take you a long way.

You never know what act of kindness can take you ahead in every step of life. We have been blessed with an intelligent mind; why is it necessary to make it useless? Kindness exists; yes, it still exists. If you wipe all the obstructions building up the meanness inside of you, then it is never too late to start changing yourself today!

Loving yourself is the best thing you can do, but showing compassion towards every being is what comes when you choose to be kind. We often hear so many acts of kindness, but do we actually believe in them? Or do we try to depict kindness through our actions? It all depends on how you perceive the world, look through your perceptions, and think without passing early judgements.

Judging people on their skin, race, and ethnicity is another way of disrespecting them. Let acceptance flow freely within you because everyone you meet is different. They are unique in their own skin, color, race, and ethnicity.

Always remember you will not always meet the same like-minded people to share a bond with. That can't happen every time. Therefore, it is better to change yourself before you think of changing others.

“Change starts from within.”

Be the change and grab the leading line from Barb Stocklin's book, Biff'S Gift. It doesn't matter where you go and who you meet on your way. It is important to carry kindness in your heart and practice it each day. Good luck!

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