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Once upon a time, a king kept a domesticated monkey as his servant. Wherever the king goes, the monkey also goes with him. 

There was no restriction in the court of the king as the monkey was the pet of the king. On a hot summer day, the king rested on his bed. 

That monkey was also sitting near the bed and blowing the king with a fan. Then a fly came and came on the king's chest

She sat down. When the monkey saw the fly sitting, he tried to blow it away. Each time she flew away and after a while again sat on the king's chest. 

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Seeing this, the monkey turned red with anger. In anger, he decided to kill the fly. Then he started looking for weapons to kill the monkey fly. 

A short distance away, he saw the sword of the king. He took that sword and angrily killed the sword on the king's chest to kill the fly. Before the sword hit the fly, the fly flew from there. The fly did not die due to the blows made by the monkey force, but the king died due to it.

This is why it is said that there is no good in making a fool your servant!



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