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The story-based game Kingdom Hearts 3 has expanded the story by three new scenarios. To open those, you have to work in a sequential manner.

The collaboration of Disney and Square Enix has released the new version in Kingdom Hearts Series with the name ReMind. This version has expanded the game's base story by offering the new three scenarios. The player has to unlock these first in sequential order.

  1. First Scenario:

This part of the game revolves around the rescue attempt of Kairi by Sora. In the end, your avatar of Sora has to be able to save Kairi

  1. Second Scenario:

In this, the player will see the perspective of Sora and his allies. How they try to solve the puzzle and find a way to the secret boss.

  1. Third Scenario:

This will take place in the Final world where Sora will face a stranger. From the third scenario, a game can have multiple ending. If

you wish to reach in a good and desired to end, you have to follow this guide where you will also know how to unlock them.

The Secret Boss: Introduction

It is said that “Know your enemy before raging the battle against him.” There are many speculations between the fans community, which connects the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts. This speculation is because of the physical resemblance between the two characters: Noctis, Final Fantasy 15's Protagonist, and the Yozora, The secret Boss of Kingdom Hearts ReMind.

The ending scene of this game confirms this speculation to a certain extent as he wakes up in a moving car. This final scene is approximately remaking of the canceled trailer part of Final Fantasy 13. In this canceled part, we see Noctis in a car in a city of Final Fantasy 13, which is technically identical. This can be a major game-changer for both series, or it can be only a throwback.

Whether it is true or not, both franchises are too big and famous among the fans. If this will combine in the coming future, the fans of both franchises will be waiting for it. Otherwise, it is just fine for both fan bases.

Final World Duel:

 The creator of the game doesn't make it easy and straightforward to reach the ending of the game as it is in the story. You have to complete the DLC plot and defeat the Limit Cut Bosses, all 13 of them. After defeating the 13 bosses, the Secret episode will unlock, which will finally lead the player to the final Secret Boss.

The meeting with the Secret Boss (Yozara) can lead to two possible endings, all depending upon the dealing method and skill of the player. Here, players can win or lose the battle.

If Sora wins the fight with Yozora. He will turn into the light after that he will be awake in a car. In the other case, if Sora loses the fight, your avatar will turn into crystal. Yozora will still wake up in the car, but the narration in this ending will change on the player's failure.

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