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Knee length swimwear

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We have a vast selection of ladies' affordable knee length swimwear designs at Nova Swimwear with prices that won't cost you a fortune. Even the most discerning swimmer will discover something they admire in our selection with a large range of patterns in simple and fluro shades. Each of our swimsuits ranging from the basic elegant and classy to the vivid and vibrant, is made using chlorine-resistant fabric to ensure long-lasting quality and ease of use. Be aware the fact that our Racing Skins are the only ones that don't have a resistance to chlorine. We at the Queensland Company makes all of our knee-length swimwear, which allows us to ensure high standards of quality throughout the production process. When customers shop with us, they are guaranteed to enjoy great savings on high-quality swimwear due to our dedication to the highest standards. Based on the style the size we offer ranges from Ladies 8 up to 24. To find the ideal fitting, just select the swimsuit you're looking at and look at the chart of sizes that comes with the product. The majority of knee-length swimwear is made to fit snugly but your options could differ slightly based on your individual preferences.

Browse our wide collection of premium Knee length swimwear! Swimsuits with long enough for knees are very popular with the competitive and recreational swimmers. We offer a wide selection of FINA certified and FINA conforming knee length race swimming suits that are specifically designed to speed. For those who have long hours working out on the water, our chlorine-resistant knee length training swimsuits are a great option. Knee length swimsuits for training as well as racing swimwear are offered as well as Knee length swimsuits to fit any swimmer.

Swimsuit FAQs

What's more superior: Spandex or Cotton?

If all you're planning on being doing will be sweating, a polyester blend is a great option. The two are typically mixed, creating an outfit that is comfortable. They are also well-fitting because cotton-blend is less pinchy than spandex. High-cotton counts are often seen in high-fashion clothes specifically designed for super-small figures.

Spandex is more durable which is why it's the ideal alternative if you're looking to purchase knee length swimwear that lasts for a long time and stand up to the elements. Because it's more durable and thicker over cotton-blends it comes with the ability to control your body that keep your body secure.

Here's an answer to the problem of spandex and cotton. Your cotton suit is intended for tanning while your spandex outfit is designed to catch waves.

Do I need to shop for online for swimsuits?

Shopping online is a great option. In the case of swimming suits, however it is best to not purchase anything without testing it out. There are too many things to take into account when shopping for a swimsuit, not just the fit, in addition to the size and the thickness of the fabric.

You may also have a certain type of suit that you frequently wear. Maybe you look stunning in your knee-length swimsuit with the high-waisted top, halter and retro high-waisted bottoms. Or, you might prefer an edgy bikini that emphasizes your body. Your odds of success are much better if you're aware of the size of your body and style you prefer. Make sure to purchase from a retailer which allows you to return your items for free.

What's the best method to care for my swimming suit?

  • Hand-washing is recommended and dried inside at all times. Drying time will be quick when you hang it outside however the color will fade.
  • In the hot tub, such as a whirlpool hot tub, do not wear your favorite knee length swimwear. The pressure in the water will force it to stretch out and accelerate the breakdown process.
  • The most deadly enemy to your swimsuit is the chemical. Even the chemicals in the swimming pool and sunscreen can cause harm. Of course, you will not be able to eliminate the harmful chemicals, but do not apply spray sunscreen or insect spray while wearing your finest outfit.
  • Surfaces that are rough can ruin your swimwear. Cover-up with a towel in the water to avoid your suit becoming scratched.

Are darker-colored swimsuits more suitable to tan?

The shade of your suit will have nothing to do with your ability to tan, unless you purchase the tan-through style suit specifically designed to let the sun's light rays pass through. Tanning creams can help you to achieve the golden hue. Apply SPF 50 throughout and strut around with a pale complexion.

How do I stop those padded components from falling into the pool?

The effort is real. Instead, use a gel insert. The inserts shown above are perforated which means they don't hold water and won't expand while swimming. They also do a great job lifting the breasts.

You can also consider other options to enhance your bust, such as front tie halters and tops with ruffles instead. Regular underwire is also offered for enhancing and shaping any size chest.

What can I do to purchase an online swimsuit that is fit?

If waiting in queue to try on couple of knee length swimwear within a tiny fitting room that has unflattering florescent lighting doesn't appeal to your take a glass of wine and go on the internet instead.

Sure, finding the right match isn't easy. But there are several advantages to consider. Nearly every reliable online retailer has a size chart. A lot of them offer no-cost returns.

The time frame is the real disadvantage. You'll need to visit the shop if you require an outfit for the weekend. However, if you've got enough opportunity (and you are prepared to take an extra stop at Post Office) to find the ideal piece, shopping online could be the best option.

Do you know of anything that can help me get rid of cellulite?

Yes and Yes and. Cellulite can be minimized by wearing a swimming suit that is able to cover it. It is possible to experiment with shorter bottoms. When you walk in the sandy areas, you can wear the sarong around your waist.

You could also apply creams or lotions for cellulite to reduce the appearance of cellulite. They provide a brief tightening effect which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. A beautiful tan may help conceal cellulite.

Pros & Cons of Wearing Knee Length Swimwear


  • Water drag is reduced

If you're a competitive swimmer you're aware that wearing knee length swimming suit reduces drag on the water. This means you'll be able to swim faster. This is due to the fact that unlike other clothes that you can wear, this one has a body with a slimmer shape that allows the water to move around your body, without creating the sensation of turbulence.

A frictional relationship between you and water in the pool could make it difficult for swimmers to speed up their swimming, especially if you're a big lady with curvaceous curves. The best bathing suits to wear for larger busts are made from a material that minimizes friction between the body and the water. This allows you to get from one end of the pool to the other faster.

  • To Keep Yourself Safe

It is the easiest and most common reason to wear knee length swimwear. If you are going to swim it provides an additional layer of protection to your body. In case you're not doing skinny swimming, will protect your privacy.

It is not a good idea to walk without a shirt in a swimming water or on the beach. It's not just rude and unprofessional, but it may also make other people uncomfortable. If you are in a public pool or at the beach, keeping your respect and privacy is essential. Don't allow your skin exposure to sun because sunburns can be painful.


  • Tan Lines

If you're looking to achieve the perfect tan, then you must consider not wearing a swimming suit. When you're wearing the bathing suit you'll notice lines of tan in the areas where your swimsuit was covering your skin. When you relax in the sun, without wearing a knee-length swimsuit it is possible to get the perfect shade. If you're more prone to sunburns then this might not be the ideal choice for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Rosa: This knee length swimwear was bought as a present to my daughter who is a teenager. She's self-conscious and nervous over her looks. She was delighted. It's stunningly beautiful and cozy, and it suits perfectly. I love the idea of having the ability to walk and feel at ease. Based on the type of bathing suit you are wearing you could end showing excessive. This suit however is a complete package is stunning, looks fantastic, and feels amazing. My daughter normally wears the size L however because this one expands purchased an M size and it's perfect for her. She is eager to try her new outfit on our next visit to the waterpark which will be within a couple of days.
  • Emily: I'm at my mid-forties 5'4″ tall and weigh 165lbs. My body is designed as an apple with the majority of my hips and stomach. I bought the medium size and it was perfect for me. The knee length swimwear was bought with the intent of the scalloping. I was able to swim for hours without worrying about damaging my bathing suit or burning my delicate skin. Because it's so modest I was expecting to be embarrassed about it however I am happy with it. When I set it up, I thought about trimming the legs since they are approximately 4 inches higher than my knees. It's a good thing that I did not. The legs fit well they stay in place and don't sag up. Since my skin is fair and I am susceptible to sunburn, so I purchased a rash-guard-style long-sleeved top to wear while swimming. It could make me feel embarrassed in the event that I had worn it without a top since it's so long, however, it was acceptable when I wore the top. While on my trip to the beaches, I put on an over-the-shoulder sundress. When dry, it's easy to put on but you'll need to remove the top to the bottom every time you use the bathroom. Since the navy and aqua shades are so versatile and versatile, finding a top that matches as well as a cover-up and water shoes was easy. I like that it has an inbuilt bra. The bathing suit is ideal for pool aerobics, or any other water-based activity where exposing your skin isn't the intention. I've worn it five times now and I'm satisfied with it.



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