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Do you find difficulties in hearing sound or voice clearly? Although you have worn hearing aids, you cannot overcome the challenge. The best solution for this issue is cochlear implants that function differently than normal hearing aids. If your inner ear’s sensory hair cells are healthy, you may depend on hearing devices. But, for severe hearing problems in both ears, you can opt for cochlear implants. Visit the best clinic for cochlear implant surgery in India.

An Overview Of Cochlear Implants

A cochlear implant refers to a small, electronic device designed to restore the hearing ability of the user. The implant has an external part sitting behind the ear. The second part is placed beneath your skin through a surgical process. Besides, the implant includes a microphone, a receiver/transmitter, and a speech processor.

The device mainly works by representing the sounds created in the surroundings. It differs from a normal hearing aid. While the hearing aid helps with sound amplification, cochlear implants facilitate auditory nerve stimulation. They will generate signals delivered to your brain through your nerve. This is how the cochlear implant works for you.

Cochlear implants provide a range of benefits-

  • Help You Make Phone Communications Easily

If you have undergone cochlear implant surgery, you can hear others’ voices during phone calls. However, you should learn the proper use of the implant to understand the voice of an unfamiliar speaker.

  • Understand Speeches Without Reading Lips

Many hearing aid users try to identify words with lip reading. But, if you use cochlear implants, you will have no problem hearing voices. There is no need to analyse the speaker’s lip movements.

  • Help In Perceiving Different Sounds

Regardless of the type of sound, you can perceive it with cochlear. Every sound type has various intensities and wavelengths. Still, you will easily be able to identify the sounds of engines, dog barking, footsteps, and several other things.

  • Find Results Within The Shortest Time– 

Many adults who have undergone cochlear implant surgery find improvements after 3 months of the first tuning sessions. Over time, they notice better results due to surgical treatment.

Other advantages of choosing the implants-

  • Cochlear implants last a lifetime
  • Patients with severe auditory issues have found significant outcomes
  • You can use hearing aids inspect of having cochlear implants.
  • As there are waterproof implants, swimmers will not encounter problems. 
  • You can hear bird’s sounds and music without a hassle.

However, not every patient gets the same result from cochlear implants. The benefits they obtain from the implant depend on different factors-

  • The severity of your hearing problem
  • Your age (Child or adult) when you have lost hearing ability
  • Age when you have started using the implant
  • The condition of your hearing nerves and cochlea
  • Your medical history (whether you have meningitis in the past
  • Your commitment and motivation.

Can Anyone Consider Cochlear Implant Surgery?

The implant is not recommendable for kids who are less than 2 years of age. Besides, the device is unsafe for patients with different medical conditions like circulatory issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure. So, you should consult your doctor and discuss your health conditions before making a decision.

If you want to use a cochlear implant, you should undergo therapy and have surgery. Moreover, you should learn and relearn the auditory sense. That is why you can notice a variation in the performance of the device in every individual. It is better to depend on audiologists and speech-language pathologists to simplify the learning procedure. 

Is There Any Risk Of Undergoing Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants are quite safe though there is a chance of a few side effects.

Your facial nerve may get injured because it is very close to the surgeon who places the implant. The best surgeon is always careful to prevent injury to your nerve.

Meningitis– It is an infectious condition of the brain’s surface. If your internal ear structures have abnormal structures, you may have serious issues. 

Cerebrospinal fluid loss– The fluid surrounding the brain can leak due to the creation of a hole inside your ear.

Perilymph fluid loss– This fluid is present in the cochlea. As the surgeon creates a hole for placing the device, there is a risk of leakage.

  • Numb feelings in your ear
  • Blood near the treated site
  • Skin infection due to the wound
  • A nerve injury can affect the taste

These risks occur only in a few cases. You can look for a certified and trained surgeon for the surgery.

It takes a few hours to recover from the cochlear implant operation. You will be discharged from the hospital after the process is successful. Professionals will wrap a bandage around your head and protect the incision area from injury. You can also resume your normal activities within a few days of undergoing surgery.


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