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Know About The Cost & Best Practices To Follow For Hotel Booking Website Development

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After a tiring journey, we all love to relax in a comfortable hotel room. But, booking a hotel room can be a tedious process if you are not booking it through an online hotel booking website.

Online booking websites help you book hotel rooms through websites or apps. The websites also help you make travel arrangements, book apartments, etc.

Hotel booking websites have changed the way the hospitality industry works. A lot of start-ups have helped users search and book accommodation without any hassles.

If you are searching for the best practices to be followed for hotel booking service website development, read through this blog to know more about enhancing the hospitality industry.

Want to create a hotel booking website or online reservation system for current hotel website development? You can find the information in this blog on how to build a hotel booking website for your travel business.

Business Models To Be Considered For Online Hotel Booking Website

Every hotel booking website follows one or more business models. The different types of business models are :

Merchant Model

Here, the agency purchases hotel rooms in bulk quantity at a wholesale price. They sell these rooms with a profit margin. 

Agency Model

Here, the online travel agent (OTA) provides a hotel to the clients and gets a commission against each booking. 

Dedicated Model

In case your current business has returning customers, this model is the perfect model for you. Here, you can build an online hotel booking website, particularly for your hotel, chain of hotels, or resorts.

Here, your website not only helps the clients book rooms but also offer them additional rewards like loyalty programs and concierge services. 

Advertising Model

It is one of the best methods to gain profits. In this model, your hotel booking website can be a member of an advertising network like Google Display Network and earn money for views and clicks. On the other hand, you can get money via partner websites to redirect visitors from different online hotel booking websites to their sites. 

Different Categories of Hotel Booking Websites

Well, how can companies offer extraordinary experiences to the users during hotel booking? It is not easy without having creative and USPs (unique selling propositions). To make it a little easy for you let us have a look at some USPs that can help you perform better in the travel and hospitality sector.

Last-minute Bookings

Some of the popular Apps like Hotel Tonight and Hotel Quickly allow last-minute hotel bookings too. This helps them earn profits through people who do not plan their tour and accommodation before traveling.

Low-cost Bookings

Here, some travelers just need a room for a few hours to sleep and keep their stuff in the room. In such cases, they do not look at convenience or luxury. So, hotel booking apps offer low-cost bookings for such travelers. 

Shared Rooms

Hotel booking Apps like Airbnb have made sharing a room with strangers one of the cost-effective accommodation strategies that work. A lot of travelers love to make friends on their trip and apps like Airbnb help them meet new people on their trip to make it a memorable one.

Free stay

This term may surprise you. Isn’t it? But it is true. Travel Apps like Couchsurfing offers the opportunity to enjoy free stays with the locals. Yes, they cater to the needs of people who prefer homestay to explore the food, culture, and language of a specific region.

Extra-short stays

This model lets users book a hotel room for just one day as well. It is ideal for those who want to go sightseeing during the day and travel during night hours.

Essential Features To Be considered for Online Hotel Booking Website

For Travelers

  • Advanced search result filter option
  • Personal accounts
  • Selected hotels, travel and booking history
  • Payment security system
  • Multilingual Support 
  • Geolocation
  • Genuine guest reviews
  • 3D tours
  • FAQs
  • Simple Feedback form

For Hoteliers

  • Option to manage pending or free rooms
  • Personal accounts
  • Multi-level galleries to store new photos
  • Ability to check payment status
  • Review validation system

Advanced Features for Online Hotel Booking Website

While working on hotel or travel booking website development, you need to consider some of the advanced and helpful features to help your clients get an amazing experience through your website or app

  • Car Rental – Facilitate renting a car the users
  • Flight search & ticketing – Help book plane tickets as well
  • Recommendation engine. Help users get recommendations for sightseeing or attend events
  • Interactive floor plans- Offer an interactive map for people to view the hotel from inside and outside. 
  • Analytics. Analytics should be included at the backend of your development to track user behavior, the performance of advertising campaigns, and user preferences.
  • CRM system- Helps build client and hoteliers relationship strong.

What Would Be The Cost To Build An Online Hotel Booking Website?

Well, as an entrepreneur you would like to know hotel booking website development costs to plan your budget. When it comes to the estimated cost, you cannot calculate a precise cost instantly. This is because

the cost to build a hotel booking website in USAor your city depends on different factors like : 

  • Project Design
  • Project Functionality
  • Online Hotel website development company
  • Time invested to complete by developers and other experts to work on the project
  • Technology Stack
  • Technical issues that can occur during development.

Steps To Follow For Hotel Booking Website Development 

Let us have a look at the different stages of the hotel booking website development process : 

Assess Your Idea and Research

Irrespective of the location of your hotel website development company,it is crucial to assess the idea to know if it is a scalable idea. To assess the idea, the development company you hire would draft a sketch for your business model, perform market research, gather feedback and assess the design.

UI/UX Design

During this stage, your online hotel booking website development company would try to identify the aspects that help obtain a user-friendly and fully functional solution. The development team would also work on the user experience and user interface of your hotel booking site 

Validate The Concept 

This is the stage where the website design and development services you hire would determine the potential users who need the product. This is done by launching a prototype for the users to test and gather genuine reviews in turn. 

Design & Development

At this stage, your hotel booking website development team would invest time in coming up with visual execution of the project and creating a demo version. The developers would work on the website design to ensure that the design meets the client’s expectation.


After the development process is done for your hotel booking website, it can be launched online. At this stage, the development company would monitor the response of the audience to the changes made to the project.


Certainly, it is not an easy task to build an online booking system (website/app). Though with team effort and expertise, you can help your hotel business flourish, grab more guests, and generate revenue.

If you are planning to build a mobile app or a website for your hotel business, WebFox can be your trusted tech partner to offer website and app development solutions that let your business grow. Our team of expert designers and developers have vast experience in building hotel booking websites and apps. We follow the best practices to offer scalable solutions to help you meet your client’s expectations. Get in touch with us to get your hotel booking website today and start getting online bookings on your portal.        

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