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Know about the Mini Rotavator price in India

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Mini rotavators are the most popular rotavators in India. These rotavator machines come in two sizes: 3 feet and 4 feet. However, in India, 3 feet rotavators are more commonly used as mini rotavators. The Mini Rotavator price in India ranges from INR 50,100 and INR 2.1 lakh. These compact rotavators are suitable with micro tractors in the 10 to 35 horsepower range.

Key Features of Mini Rotavators : 

• They are lightweight and space-efficient implement.

 • They are designed specifically for compact tractors with 10 – 35 horsepower. • They are versatile machines ideal for small-scale farms, fruit and vegetable cultivation, orchards, gardening, and nurseries. 

• They are fit for soil conditioning, weed control, seedbed preparation, and puddling in smaller fields. 

 • They are a cost-effective option for a wide range of agricultural applications. • They can effectively loosen and aerate the soil to a depth of 4 to 5 inches. 

Popular Mini Rotavator Models:

1. Lancer MP 80: Compatible with 10 – 25 HP tractors, featuring a working width of 800 mm. 

2.Garud Plus 10024: Attachable to 30 – 35 HP tractors, with a working width of 1060 mm. 

3.Bull Agro Mini 16 SCC: Suitable for 15 – 18 HP tractors, boasting a working width of 762 mm. 

4.Shaktiman Reverse Forward RF 80: With a working width of 992 mm, it pairs well with 18 – 25 HP tractors. 

5.Fieldking Hobby FKRTMSG 80: Compatible with 15 – 20 HP tractors and offers a working width of 800 mm. 

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