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The partial dentures can replace several missing teeth but not the entire upper or the lower set of teeth. If you opt for the partial dentures, it is necessary to ensure that the rest of the teeth in the upper and the lower part of the mouth are healthy. Make sure that you get the best Best Dentures Christchurch.

Understanding what partial dentures are.

The partial dentures are usually the removable dentures that replace multiple teeth of the upper and the lower portion of the mouth. The partial dentures are much more than mere cosmetic devices. They also enhance chewing and speaking for the person who is wearing them. The partial dentures can also preserve the placement of the remaining teeth that is there in the mouth which may shift in the future.

The partial dentures are not intended for wearing throughout the day.  Most of the dentists will suggest you to remove the partial dentures at night and cleaning them. According to the research that was conducted in 2017, if you clean the partial dentures, it reduces the chances of developing the cavities in the healthy teeth that are nearby because you can brush them properly. The removable nature of the partial dentures can sometimes make them less popular.

This is why one needs a partial denture

You will be benefitted by the partial dentures if you have lost multiple teeth in the top or the bottom of your jaw. Some of the facts that relate to the loss of teeth include:

  • Injury
  • Removal of teeth or extraction
  • Decay

Whatever might be the reason, it is important that the remaining teeth stay healthy. A dentist will construct the partial dentures considering your remaining teeth. If the teeth are not healthy, a dentist might recommend you to extract the teeth and utilize the full dentures instead. A good Partial Denture Christchurch will be highly beneficial for you.

Types of partial dentures

There are different manufacturing techniques and materials used to manufacture these partial dents. The following are certain things that need to be taken into consideration when manufacturing these dents. The best Dentures Christchurch will certainly help you.

Location in your mouth

The partial dentures might replace the front portion of the teeth or the back portion of the teeth. In the study conducted in the year 2017, it was found that the people who had partial dentures had a high level of satisfaction.


There are chances that the dentist might not give you permanent dentures. Instead you might also have temporary partial dentures. This normally happens when the dentists have extracted the damaged or decaying teeth that the partial dentures will replace.

Materials that are used to manufacture partial dentures

The dentists might use a plastic, or a metal or a mixture of cobalt and chromium to manufacture partial dentures. The metals make larger partial dentures. The dentures that are made of plastic and polymers are less expensive. These are light weight, flexible and provide you with the desired aesthetic appearance.

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