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Know Marital Issues from Birth Chart

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Marriage without any problems is rare to find! Well, this is true that no couple can make for the perfect couple in real life except in reel life. And it portrays a normal marriage for a couple to have small issues now and then to be resolved within a day or two. But the real problem arises when something beyond social norms or acceptance occurs in your married life. A person may face marital issues ranging from infidelity, abusive marriage, ego-hassles, childbirth, illness, insanity, lack of intimacy, sexual incompetence or incompatibility, etc. There is no doubt that we can know about marital issues in birth chart. One may know about the likely marital issues by visiting an astrologer. A careful birth chart analysis may indicate any possible marital issues.

What is the major indication of marital issues in the birth chart?

The marriage prediction commonly states two types of issues- deliberate or natural. The former is rather more popular, thanks to a person's negative thinking. In a birth chart, the planet Moon gives the major indication about marital issues. The planet Moon represents our mind. It shows the way we think or process things in life. Any affliction to the mind may push us into deep negativity creating suspicion, doubts, lack of trust, and negative emotions about the partner. Most marital issues are due to negative thinking, which may or may not exist in reality. 

Sometimes, a person lives under an illusionary negative state about the partner, which doesn't exist in actual terms. There is no problem with the partner, but the person finds every possible flaw in the partner. So, the first thing first is to nurture positive thinking to avoid marital issues. This positivity will help in curbing marital issues created deliberately by the person.

Now come the reasons which have been enforced on us due to our past bad karma. These may include bad health, injury, insanity, or sexual incompetence. These are the possibilities where a person is not at fault and has to suffer his past deeds. The planets are placed in the birth chart to give results of past deeds in the present life. Here, one can apply karma modification and other astrological measures to gain desired results to some extent.

How can one see marital issues in the birth chart?

The seventh house in Kundli is the house of marriage and bliss attained through it. The 7th house and its lord say a lot about the married life of a person. Also, the karaka of the marriage, i.e., Jupiter and Venus, have to be in good shape in the birth chart to ensure an issue-free marriage to the native.

If the seventh house is under the influence of malefic planets or the 7th lord is very weak in the birth chart. The person may face issues in marriage due to these reasons. The malefic effect here includes the effect of Mars, the Sun, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. Weak or afflicted Jupiter and Venus also indicate issues in marriage. The position of the 7th house, its lord, Jupiter, and Venus need to be checked in the navamsha chart. The D-9 chart is very important for seeing the marital bliss of a native. Marital issues if visible in both D-1 and the D-9 chart. The person generally faces severe problems in marriage.

Which planets cause marital issues?

Marriage survives on trust, love, care, mutual respect and understanding. These traits are usually identified with the benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. The malefic planets have negative and harsh tendencies. The malefic planets are strong, rude, highly passionate, deceptive, cold, etc. Every malefic planet has its role to play. Saturn may show delays and a lack of intimacy between the couple. Rahu may cheat or deceive the partner. Rahu also creates possibilities for extramarital affairs. Ketu may create isolating tendencies in the native. The Sun may give arrogance and false pride etc. But the main planet which has most of these tendencies is Mars. The planet Mars if it forms connections with other malefic planets or afflicts the 7th house or its lord badly, gives strong indications of marital issues.   

Apart from a lack of intimacy and compatibility, a marriage may face cheating on the part of the life partner. Your partner may cheat or form intimate relations outside the marriage. One can also identify secretive love affairs from the birth chart. Rahu mainly makes the natives break the stereotype and go beyond social norms. Rahu may induce a person to establish extramarital relations. Additionally, if Jupiter, the karaka of wisdom, is also in fall, the person gets into immoral activities easily. The more the effect of malefic planets on the Moon, the more the chances of the person indulging in the wrong means. The person either follows the wrong way or becomes a victim of negative thinking.  

Which house causes divorce?

The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses of the birth chart are the trik bhavas, or bad houses of the birth chart. These houses carry negative energies. However these are good for spiritual advancements, but for the materialistic world, they usually play a negative role. The 6th house is a house of legal disputes, the 8th house is a house of separation and punishments, and the 12th house is a house of expenses and losses. For a divorce to happen, all these houses must involve involvement. Divorce involves legal formalities, separation, and expense. There is a loss of marriage which is the 6th house. If the 7th lord forms any associations with these houses, there are chances of issues in marriage.

However, karma modification may help to overcome these problems in married life. E.g. if the 7th lord of a person sits in the 6th house, the person may marry a lawyer. Generally, this indicates a dispute between the husband and wife, but if it is aligned here by marrying a lawyer, the dosha gets rectified. There are many such ways where a person can balance negativity in the birth chart.

Similarly, one should marry in a foreign land or to a person from varied cultures if the 7th lord sits in the twelfth house of the birth chart. One can rectify the 8th house by marrying a person in research, occult, or archeology.

Thus measures to safeguard against the negative yoga in the birth chart are there, but one should know them before marrying. This situation makes us realize the importance of kundli matching.

Kundli Matching- The biggest remedy for all marital issues

We suggest matching kundli to know all odds in the birth chart in advance to take timely measures. One should match kundli not just to find best life partner but also to cancel or balance the negativity in the kundli. Even if a person has some problems or indications of marital issues, timely detection may help to safeguard against them. The karma modification may help the person do the needful to balance out the negative yoga in the kundli. A learned astrologer will serve as a life coach to advise which course of action one should follow to avoid negative results in married life or otherwise. The Kundli matching helps find the best match while balancing negative dosha in the birth chart.

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